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Blood & Bone    Profile of Étienne Blanchard

Étienne Blanchard
Basic Information
Born into the Inner Citadel, Étienne was raised in a lap of luxury to one day lead a corporate life. Unfortunately it wasn't long until his privileged life began to feel suffocating and boring, and upon discovery of the world outside the walls, he became enthralled with leading a different life. He threw away his rich kid life for one of hardship instead, and as the years went by, he found himself in a new position of power as boss of Eclipse. He holds immense power, and he isn't afraid to use it — to abuse it. Arrogant and hot-headed, he's cruel towards those he deems unworthy of his trust or respect, and he has an obsession over things going his way. After his rise to boss of Eclipse it's not uncommon for him to try to abuse his power when need be — especially when it's to help him stay in control of a situation.
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In-Depth Information
Pronunciation     Eh-tea-yen Bl-ahn-chard Sex     XY Chromosomes Birthday     November 17th, 2065 Alignment     True Neutral Sexuality     Biromantic Homosexual Relationship     Single Languages     French, English Residence     The Junkyard Height     5 Feet 11 Inches Skin     Peaches-and-cream Eyes     Steel grey-blue Hair     Dirty blond Build     Muscular; in-shape Tattoos     Cross on right pec Piercings     Currently none Health    Injured left arm & shoulder
A life of wealth and privilege was what awaited Étienne the moment he was born, first son and only child to the wealthy Blanchard couple. He was spoiled from a young age, given anything he ever wanted. Yet as he grew older, Étienne couldn't help but feel his life of privilege was... boring. It was the same routine every day: ignorance of the troubles going on in the world, and no hardships or problems presented that he could not easily bypass. Although his skills in various trades grew exponentially as his parents pushed him towards a corporate lifestyle, he rarely had a reason to use any of them. Simply put — it was suffocating. This was the major factor that eventually led him to living a life outside of Stronghold, seeking an both an outlet as well as a cure for his boredom. A thrill-seeker, a life in Eclipse gave him the adrenaline rush he craved.

Étienne always laughed at the rich that bragged about their wealth, about how great their lives were and the sheer amount of material possessions they owned. However, they simply had the wool pulled over their eyes to the true nature of the world, and so Étienne one day decided he was tired of living a lie — of living underneath the suffocating thumb of the Military. Life outside of Stronghold's walls called to him, and his thirst for something to shake up his existence was introduced when he met Eclipse. Dancing on the line between illegal and a threat, Étienne soon discovered an obsession with the trouble he could cause for the ruling faction — and he was good at it. He could develop skills he would have never been able to learn otherwise, all the while spitting on those that had given him a life of luxury. Finally he found the adrenaline rush he'd been craving.

There isn't much to say when it comes to Étienne's personality: he's rather out in the open about everything, so it doesn't take long to understand what sort of a person he is. He's rather blasé about most things in life, bored with anything that comes across as “stereotypical” or “cliché”. Because of this he's a thrill-seeker, always looking for that one thing that will get his adrenaline going and heart racing, no matter how dangerous it may be. He simply acts as if he is bored with everything around him and purposely will seek out new and exciting things that can give him a bit of reprieve from his bland existence. Étienne will always try everything at least once, and most certainly will not back down from any dare or threat — which has gotten him into difficult situations before. He does not always think before he acts, which can make him rather unpredictable.

However, no matter how much he is in denial of his birth, there will always be permanent traits of his personality that scream rich kid. He is arrogant and occasionally narcissistic, believing himself to be above the norm of others. He's cruel towards those he deems unworthy of his trust or respect, and will blatantly call someone out on their flaws with little hesitation. He is quite obsessive of the things that happen to and around him, and always wants things to go his way. When things don't quite go his way, his temper can get hot very fast, and both verbal and physical violence isn't uncommon for him when angered. After his rise to boss of Eclipse, the power he held got to his head, and it's not uncommon for him to try to abuse his power when need be — especially when it's to help him stay in control of a situation. It's a good thing the rest of Eclipse's high ranks help keep him and his temper in check most of the time.
Quick History
Life in Stronghold     Age 0 — 20
Compared to others, Étienne had a really typical life — for a rich boy, that is. Born the only son (and only child) to a wealthy French couple, he was birthed into luxury inside the Inner Citadel. Ever since he had been old enough to walk and talk, they groomed him to one day lead a corporate lifestyle. But they were busy and away from the house most of the time, so Étienne was raised by those hired by his family. He didn't learn family love from a young age, or how to connect with another human being, which hindered him later in life when it came to trying to form emotional bonds with others.

As he grew up, he found himself taking odd jobs in corporate offices, as well as occasional jobs for the Military, to better train him for the future, giving him very little personal time outside of work. Not that he had any close friends to hang out with, anyway.

Growing up and having everything handed to him made him very bored with life, and he started to reach out to less-than-savoury methods of finding ways to entertain himself. It was through this experimentation with crime that Étienne's eyes really became open to the world and the horrific situation Stronghold was really in. From the tyrannical Military, to the dystopian city slums, to the Infected hordes just outside the gates — for the first time, the pampered boy began to realize just how blind he had been raised.

Yet rather than feeling horror, he instead felt intrigued by the state of the world. His first trip outside the walls was filled with adrenaline, the gnashing teeth of an Infected running at him before its brains got splattered was an image that wasn't soon to be forgotten. Soon trips outside of Stronghold became an obsession for Étienne, and his time spent in the Inner Citadel shrank more and more. It was on one fateful trip to the outside that he ran across the Eclipse group for the first time. His life wasn't the same after that.

A criminal organization that directly went against the Military to help the destitute, while still relying on greed and financial power immediately intrigued Étienne. Even after returning back to his family's home where his parents were — predictably — absent from, he could not get the thought of the group out of his head. It wasn't long after when, on his twentieth birthday, he finally decided he was done living a life of luxury, and left without a word.
Life in Eclipse     Age 20+
Life in Eclipse was fraught with danger, adventure, and something different every day. While he would never admit it aloud, Étienne knew this was the life he had been meant for. It was life in squalor and his inner rich kid screamed at the idea of trekking through mud and rain to hunt down Infected, but for the first time he felt truly alive. For the first time in his life he learned how to use firearms, and he quickly became good at it, allowing him to adventure further into Infected territory.

While arrogant and stubborn, and often having a difficult time adjusting to working in a team with other people, Étienne soon began to grow comfortable in his new lifestyle. He expanded on his skill set and as his ability to take on more dangerous tasks grew, so did his power in the group. As the years rolled by, Étienne slowly began to rise through the ranks, a thirst for power gnawing at him in a way that it never had before. Even when he had a future in corporate, he had never hungered for a position of power.

Nearly six years after joining Eclipse, Étienne finally got what he wanted: a position of boss, as the previous boss met their unfortunate demise at the jaws of an Infected. Even though he's been boss for a few years now, he still feels like he's always learning new things. But thankfully he's finally earned the respect of the people below him.
Extra Information
Dexterity     Skilled
Étienne is very good with his hands, and in another life, he could have been a master thief. Good at sleight-of-hand tricks and anything that requires a fine touch, he excels at. He's also very stealthy about anything he does with his hands, which can range from a simple parlor trick with cards to amuse himself, to pulling and firing a gun before anyone sees him doing it.
Marksman     Expert
When Étienne joined Eclipse, he was taught the necessary skill of being able to use a firearm. It didn't take him long to become a proficient marksmanship, and now, he's an expert at it. He has to be, otherwise he wouldn't be able to properly assess newly stolen firearms that will be sold later for a profit. In fact, Étienne even has a favourite pistol that he carries around with him at all times. It's custom made by a Military-based corporation — and highly illegal. Not that anyone really knows about it, considering he stole it from the company himself.
Mechanic     Learning
One of Étienne's latest passion projects has him getting down and dirty and working with his hands on the automobiles that make their way into Eclipse's garage. While still learning, he's found mechanic work to be right up his alley, and on days when he doesn't have anything important to tend to, he can usually be found in one of the garages working on his latest hobby — a gorgeous old Harley he found once on a looting expedition.