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Blood & Bone    Profile of North Sigurd

North Sigurd
Basic Information
A cruel wolf in sheep's clothing, North is nothing more than a monster walking in human society, preying on the weak and devouring the needy. An Infected with little desire for anything other than the carnal pleasures offered in life, he is a rather predictable creature at best. Cold arrogance hidden behind a charismatic shield, he is friends for only as long as the friendship is useful to him. He's cruel and callous towards those under him that disappoint him, while simultaneously putting on a display of fake loyalty to the organization that took him in. His is a high ranking official in the Military, and he abuses that power with every interaction he has.
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In-Depth Information
Pronunciation     N-or-th Sih-gerd Sex     XY Chromosomes Birthday     May 21st, 1974 Alignment     Neutral Evil Sexuality     Homoromantic Pansexual Relationship     Fucking everyone Languages     English Residence     Inner Citadel Height     6 Feet 3 Inches Skin     Peaches-and-cream Eyes     Blue — yellow when hungry Hair     Chestnut brown Build     Muscular; in-shape Tattoos     Currently none Piercings     Apadravya piercing Health    Healthy; no medical concerns
It's hard to say whether or not North stayed the same individual he was before he was Infected, but one thing is very certain: he is now, and always will be, an Infected monster. It's this core element of his being that shapes his personality and defines him as the being he is. Thirst comes in many forms, and while blood is the most stereotypical form of hunger for an Infected — North's comes from a more bestial place as well: sex. Flirtatious towards anything and everything that moves, the man is known for his appetite in bed. The sex and species of his partner matters little to him, even going so far as to occasionally enjoy the company, passion, and wrath of another Infected in his bed. Although sex is a vital part of his life, often used when hunting for prey, he also simply enjoys the act, and will frequently seek out partners for sex.

North is a narcissistic and selfish individual, doing what he does only out of self interest. Towards others he can often come across as an arrogant man, but in truth he's charismatic, kind, and otherwise an easy person to get along with — so long as you aren't on his bad side. Towards those he deems to be beneath him he's cold, cruel, and ruthless, giving a spark of kindness only as a reward should they obey him without question. This behaviour gives him the reputation of having a hot-and-cold personality — you never know which side of him you'll get. However, one thing is for certain: he relishes the people that have learned their place beneath him, and cares little for showing cruelty when it's undeserved. It's the poor and destitute in Stronghold that often see his wrath first hand, as well as those of lower rank in the Military that have disappointed him. He's not the Military leader that anyone would want to get on the bad side of.

Because of his nature, North is often seen as a wild card. He shows little obedience towards authority, and cares only for himself. It's a contradictory personality to what he instills in the humans beneath him — obedience, acceptance, and a lack of self worth. He is a vampire that believes the pursuit of self-interest is the best option for him, and ties himself to the Military simply for the opportunity it allows. His true loyalty to the organization borders on non-existent, even though he is good at hiding his true intentions behind a guise of loyalty and feigned interest in the "good of humanity". To everyone else, he poises himself as the perfect little Military dog, willingly taking and barking orders based on the Flag Rank Officers' demands — yet the truth is much more insidious than that. There is nothing good that can come out of an Infected taking a high rank in the very faction that wishes to wipe them from the face of the earth.

Power. It's a heady aphrodisiac much more potent than even sex itself, and he craves more of it. It's uncertain if it's because of the infection raging through his veins that makes him like this, or was simply a facet of his personality in the past that never got explored. Whatever the case, North clawed his way to the top of the Military through aggression and fake loyalty, and now that he's in a position of power, he isn't so keen for anything to go wrong. His true nature is kept a closely guarded secret lest the Military ever find out, and his requirement to feed on warm bloodies is satisfied through picking off the weak in the slums that won't be missed — or better yet, hunting down drifters in No-Man's Land. It's times like this that he's finally able to revel in who he is at heart, preying on the pathetic little humans who are now at the bottom of the food chain.
Quick History
Life before the Infection     Age 0 — 36
North doesn't like to talk or even think about who he was before he was turned, and perhaps for good reasons. Snippets of his past are often hard to remember, considering it's been over eighty years since he was turned and during that time he was nothing more than an animalistic killing machine. While he tends to keep this part of him shut off, there's no mistaking that he was a much different person in his past life — and not a good kind of different.

He was born to an unmarried couple, his younger brother coming along just a few years later. His father ran off before his brother was even born. He grew up without a stable father figure in his life, and while he cherished his mother for everything she did for him, he couldn't quite get over the resentment of knowing his own father never loved him enough to stay. His childhood was rough, his school life an even greater struggle, and the one thing that kept him going was his little brother. He cherished him dearly, but when he turned 18 he accidentally knocked a girl up and instead of staying to help take care of the child, he instead left his hometown and ran to a neighboring city. His mother died not long after, leaving North to fend for himself with no contact with his brother.

His life took a turn for the worst. Partying and drinking the nights away became his norm, a quick and easy way to forget about the way his life had turned out. He made friends with all the wrong people, and began to sleep around indiscriminately. His brother found him many years later, but it was not the same brother that had run away, and conflict filled their relationship. It was around this time that the outbreak first hit, and due to his lack of discretion with who he was interacting with, it didn't take long before he too was bitten and turned into something different. Something... monstrous.

And yet, he reveled in it. For the first time in his life, he could feel pain that he had chosen to numb previously. He was turning into something else, something new — and while fear threatened to overcome him, he couldn't help but feel excitement towards the possibility of a different future. The taste of blood on his tongue for the first time got him hooked, and from then on he allowed himself to fall head first into his new life as an Infected.
Life after the Infection     Age 36 — 111
Most of North's memories before he mutated into a Level V are fuzzy and unrecognizable — or perhaps he simply chooses to forget living like an animal. Whatever the case may be, he prefers to keep this part of his life secret, even from those that know his true identity. It can only be imagined that it was a lot of pain, blood, and death.
Life in the Military     Age 111+
It was hard, regaining humanity after years of living in the mud and filth, preying on those unlucky enough to not be able to defend themselves. Evolving from a Level IV Reaper mutation — the strongest and most deadly mutation besides the latest discovery — left North with savagery that was uncharacteristic to many of his kind. It took the man months to come to gripes with his returned humanity and to take control of his internal thirst for blood, but once he finally had, he refused to return to a life of depravity and isolation.

Tricking his way into Stronghold was easy — a few flirtatious words to seduce one of the checkpoint guards let him inside after a quick scan; finding no infection in his veins, there was no suspicion cast his way. From then on he slowly clawed his way up through society, starting at the Military academy and slowly but surely making his way up through the ranks. He moved quicker up the ranks than many others due to his quick wit, combat skills, and intelligence. He could thank the infection for the many gifts it granted him.

Power was something he had never felt before, and as North slowly gained more and more power in the Military, he realized just how much he hungered for it — more than sex; more than blood, even. He needed to be in a position where he could control his life and those around him, and at the end of a ten year long run of being in the Military, he finally secured a position in the Corporate Branch that could finally sate his thirst for power. He's finally happy for the first time in his long life with where he is — with who he is.

Nothing can tear him back down now, and he ensures any liabilities are taken of swiftly and quietly. The need for keeping his true identity a secret is always nagging in the back of his head, even as he sends his own officers to their own deaths against his Infected brethren.
Extra Information
Infected     Level V
North was one of the unlucky few to have been turned at the start of the outbreak, and managed to survive long enough to eventually mutate into a Level V Infected. This grants him all the abilities of a regular Infected at ten times the strength. While his identity is mostly kept secret, he is a powerful predator hiding in the guise of a loyal Military dog.
Swordsman     Expert
An unusual skill to have in a world of firearms, North discovered his ability to wield a sword and other such weapons not long after 'waking'. Perhaps someone that had a fascination with weapons of history before turned, North often enjoys practicing the strange art of sword wielding, going so far as to sometimes using it in combat against Infected. Not like he has to worry about Infected getting close to him, after all.
Combat     Skilled
Being in the Military, North has a variety of skills in combat, including hand-to-hand, as well as the basic use of firearms. His infection-granted abilities make him a powerhouse in general, and as such it takes extra effort to ensure no one gets too suspicious of his abilities. That said, he's not the type to get his own hands dirty, and his strategical intelligence is much more appreciated over his physical prowess.