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Blood & Bone    Profile of Jessie Michels

Jessie Michels
Basic Information
You wanna know what looking into the eye of the storm feels like? Of course not. Only a fool would. Jessie combines madness, he represents impulse, and all things random. He stands as a man of intelligence, and utmost, genuine chaos. A man as lethal, as ruthless indeed as he has been made to be-- and whether he enjoys that or not may be uncovered in the details of his history, kept classified, so many things redacted; whether he holds a notion of fondness for who he is may, also, become a mystery ain't ever get an answer out of the world. He isn't a mystery himself, he'll tell you that.

But he'll also tell you a lotta things. Utterly capable of his job and all, ruthless as need be and the military's naughty little dog placed in this position not for one reason, not for two, not even several-- but a hundred little ones that find their answers in his past, in his abilities and the need to control who he is-- he is dangerous, he sweet. He is many things. You would think that with someone apparently presented as a loose canon, or an ace up the sleeve should belong somewhere else. Maybe, he shouldn't be in the military at all. Maybe, you're underestimating the true weight of 'ruthless'. Maybe, only those broken at their core can do their job as well as he does.

Maybe, we're all wrong.
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In-Depth Information
  • sex & gender     male
  • sexuality     pansexual & panromantic
  • relationship     single & avoiding
  • height     5'10''
  • accent     regular american
  • languages     English and medical Latin
  • Eyes     electric blue
  • hair     dirty blonde & floppy
  • body     lean & toned
  • scars     several
  • tattoos     none?
  • residence     oh u [redacted]
  • alignment     chaotic neutral
tw: dark themes, murder, blood, idk, basically all things bad & gross

Jessie is not broken. Jessie is broken. Jessie is a lot of things but to a lot of people who meet him, it's always a question of a coin flip which side of him they will see. Will it be the soft one, that gentle one? Cute, and sassy, so, so very cheeky-- will it be the broken one, that emotional one. Or will it be the side that the military prefers, and has trained him to don, the very side the military pretends to have under control, yet nobody really does?

It depends. Jessie himself suffers from borderline personality disorder, which he faces no threat of being diagnosed with, and honestly, not a lotta people nowadays who know what it is, who know how it functions, and who would even understand the severe intricacies of it. Not even he does. If nothing else though, it's a reflection of the trauma that he experienced in his childhood-- trauma so severe it's a surprise that his mind isn't much worse off than it is. Or it isn't surprising at all-- after all, being in the secret service has definitely done its part in enforcing you gotta keep some shit to yourself. Close to your heart, even, to the point of taking it to the grave.

Learned from the parents. From an early, early age.

But then, his mom and dad taught him a lot of things that no child should be taught. Where to strike to kill-- to incapacitate. How to look down on human life-- how to devalue it, how to dismiss it. How to perceive people as tools, only. Did they manage? Yes. But not. Their hideous plan of making him into what they are failed. But also succeeded. He feels a split down his middle, the proverbial, meaty middle; he's as emotional as the rest of us, and much more intense in what he feels. Yet when he is given a reason-- yet when he has to. Or when he has no other choice. When he feels the itch-- when he feels the want: when it is triggered, 'it' comes out, and he will show you that as emotional as he is at his core, there is a side of him that enjoys watching the life go from one's life. That enjoys standing over someone as they die. That enjoys it with a smile. A side of himself he may be trying deny. Or he may not.

After all, I have brought up his intellect-- and so, as smart as Jessie is, he understands he's gone through a lot-- the emotional side of him denies it. The emotional side claims he had it coming. Self-loathing is a part of him. Self-destruction will seek him out from time to time, and however he will act on it really depends, and may be observed, or he may keep it to himself, pretending to be a well-trained dog.

Sometimes, he does so, so well at pretending.

Sometimes, he tests just how much the military wants him; there are times when he pushes too fucking far. When any other man in his position woulda been killed off.

But there's something about long-term, curious projects that's hard to kick in the curb. Maybe, it really is that his eyes are so pretty blue there's some asshole up there who doesn't want him gone. Maybe, it's because he happens to be fucking the right people.

And has killed all the right ones as well.

Quick History
tw: for child abuse, violence and dark themes

His parents were those of the rich. That's where all the issues stem. Being that, they got away with a lot of the shit they should not have gotten away with, proving that no matter the state of the world, no matter what buildings toppled, and which disasters struck the land, and evened it out, flat as the bleats of a dead man's heart-- wealth will always get you far. Always. It got them far.

Mom and dad had their own shoddy-- very shoddy pasts. Two dangerous individuals, psychopaths on the far end of the spectrum of the condition. They had no remorse. No guilt. And while not every psychopath is a murderer, almost every murderer is a psychopath. They couldn't get away with open murder since that would fuck up with their reputation. Tut tut, must do a lotta shit to protect their nice position.

They committed their atrocities behind the closed doors. They dealt with different gangs. In secret. Of course. Never in person-- also of course. They entrenched themselves in all things physical-- medicine, and army, obsessing over their need to hold some portion of control over people-- and then off the streets had the lost, the wayward delivered, preying on their helplessness indeed in ways as colorful, and grisly as you can, but also cannot imagine.

They had Jessie as an experiment. If us two have a child, will he born like us? And if not--

Can we make him like us?

He was nothing if not an experiment to them. Nothing if not their guinea pig, and while in the public eye they were charming, and he was that blue-eyed cherubim, he was nothing if not tormented, and forced to bend his personality to their ugly whims, to their need to have fun. The shit they made him do and when they started doesn't matter. It does-- but it will not bear mentioning here. Only one thing matters:

Jessie was fourteen when he killed them. Jessie was also fourteen when he therefore orphaned himself. By his own hand, how grisly is that, but as the story goes, and as twas told by his person, they were infected. Had been. And had hidden it away. They had refused to do their duty-- and their frenzied folly had forced his hand. A good, good 'soldier' boy. Well done, eh? Well done.

Of course the military orphanage took him in a very pro forma kinda deal, because he had no known relatives, leaving the wealth he inherited to fall into the hands of the military, because reasons, because excuses. Because mom and dad military knew better how to use him. Because the military took a look at him-- a deep and thorough look... and saw that ugly, dark promise. Saw the potential.

He was trained, and he's been in secret service since then. Not since 14 literally, but c'mon now. Ain't that a detail, right?
Extra Information
Melee combat specialist. Has got a good aim. A good shot. Ain't no sharpshooter, though. Definitely expert in close-range combat and utilizing his medical knowledge. Gasp, medical knowledge? Mom and dad had trained him there, having been trained in this regard themselves, and having subjected him to... fun... times... with... people well-- basically if he tells you how to take a man's heart out, he's speaking from a gd personal experience, okaaaayyy. Also, he's got a sweet tooth af, he cannot cook at all, has got no artistic skill at all, but my god does he admire art. He's emotional as fuck and he sees the world in wild, mad shapes. He also suffers from a rare congenital condition called Situs inversus, aka his major viscera are mirrored on the other side and his heart can be found on the right sound of his chest. He's also ambidextrous, and oh, the father that he killed? Not his biological father. It's also what triggered him killing his parents: dad found out he wasn't his bio dad, hurt him and Jessie avenged himself by killing them. Good on him.