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Blood & Bone    Profile of Crowley Wilde

Crowley Wilde
Basic Information
A recently mutated Level V Infected, Crowley is still struggling to regain what little humanity remains inside him. Every day is a battle with himself to control the urges that want nothing more than for him to attack and feed. It's because of this, along with his recent transition, that makes it difficult for him to want to integrate back into society again, and for now he keeps to life as a drifter. A silent struggle, with himself and his best friend Blue at his side. All he wants is to become the person he was before the outbreak — not this monster he is now.
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In-Depth Information
Pronunciation     Kroh-lee Wy-ld Sex     XY Chromosomes Birthday     December 8th, 1992 Alignment     Neutral Good Sexuality     Biromantic Bisexual Relationship     Single Languages     English, Italian, Greek Residence     No-Man's Land Height     Six Feet 0 Inches Skin     Peaches-and-cream Eyes     Blue — yellow when hungry Hair     Brown-Black Build     Muscular; in-shape Tattoos     Currently none Piercings     Currently none Health    Healthy; no medical concerns
Before the outbreak — before the transition — Crowley was a rather happy individual, and parts of that personality continues to exist to this day. He is a man of many words, and it's very obvious from a first impression that he loves to talk — not because he's egotistical, or loves the sound of his voice, but simply because he enjoys living life. Conversations are the highlight of his day, and he loves to talk with everyone, no matter who they may be. Psychology is something that Crowley's always been fascinated with, and he simply takes great joy in being able to experience life, and being able to experience different people from different walks of life. Because of his something hyper nature, there are many people that criticize him for it — they claim he's too naive, too childish. But Crowley doesn't mind; he is who he is for a reason, and he doesn't believe anyone can fault him for just wanting to live life. Even after being infected, he's never lost his passion for life.

But there is darkness lurking in Crowley's heart: being turned into a monster, a predator, wouldn't completely leave him without emotional scars. Only recently mutated into a Level V, he still struggles with controlling his bestial need to hunt and feed. He lacks control over his own emotions and desires, and much as he despises the monster he's turned into, he can't always prevent himself from acting out his innate needs — much as it kills him every time, considering the level of empathy he has for other humans. In an unfortunate twist of fate, Crowley was born with hyperthymesia, a condition in which he remembers an abnormally large number of life experiences in vivid detail — a condition that haunts him. He remembers every single person he killed when he was infected — from the moment he began the hunt, to the end when he saw the life drain from their eyes.

These memories cause Crowley to have a form of PTSD, forcing him to relive the horrors of what he'd done during the night in the forms of nightmares — and during the day as well, snippets of memories drawing him out of reality at the most unfortunate of times. These memories remind him that he's no longer human, that he's nothing more than a monster, and his mind has begun to try and cope with these traumatic flashbacks by causing him to blackout. During these blackouts he becomes an entirely different person — almost as if the humanity he regained is being shoved back down once more, to hide the guilt and shame of what he's done and instead be replaced by a persona ruled by the virus. He becomes impulsive and reckless, a twisted person that just wants to play games with others and use his infection for less-than-savoury reasons. It's during these blackouts that he loses sense of who he is, and when he returns back to himself again, it's as though he's coming out of a fog.

Crowley tries his best to remain the person he was before the outbreak, a hedonistic individual with a passion for life and a strong empathy for living creatures. Over the past few months since his mutation, he's become a very friendly and flirty individual, enjoying the chase with another person. A friendly flirting game with another person is acceptable, but he would never progress past that — unless he's in a blackout state, in which he becomes someone that is far more aggressive in his advances. He struggles with his PTSD and hyperthymesia, and it's something currently only his best friend knows about him. Only time will tell what will become of Crowley; whether he will overcome the infected darkness taking over his heart, or if he will fall to it completely.
Quick History
Life before the Infection     Age 0 — 18
Crowley was born to a single mother — his father, North Sigurd, had run away and left his mother before he was even born. Ironically, his life as a child to a single mother paralleled his father's life in many ways. His mother was a struggling college student, even though she was a strong and brave individual, even in the face of adversity. They moved when Crowley was only 2 years old, and his mother made quick friends with their neighbours, who also had a child of the same age.

This child, Blue Huxley, was destined to become the most important person in Crowley's life. They interacted occasionally with one another when their parents visited one another, but they didn't truly become friends until they entered school. Blue unfortunately struggled early on due to speech impediments — kids can be cruel — but Crowley was quick to make friends with the other child. From the start, he felt an innate need to protect the other.

Thus, their lifelong friendship began. Crowley had a fairly standard childhood, moving from grade to grade with good marks in the majority of his subjects. His mom and Blue's mom made sure to keep them in the same schools as they got older, and thankfully the majority of the time they ended up in the same classes as one another. Once they entered high school, Crowley picked up a fascination with other languages, and began to go to language classes outside of school time. He also had a soft spot for psychology, strangely enough.

When Crowley turned 18, his mother finally divulged to him the identity of his father — a picture of North, the only keepsake she still had of the man that broke her heart. After graduating from high school, Crowley made it his mission to try and find his biological father. Of course, he asked none other than his best friend in the world, Blue, to join him on the trip. Unfortunately for them, that was to be their last memories of being humans. They were attacked while on the road, and held each other's hands as they slowly turned into monsters.
Life after the Infection     Age 18 — 103
Much as he despises it, Crowley remembers the majority of his time spent as a mindless Infected. From the fear in his victim's eyes, to the taste of their blood as he killed them — it comes to him in unwelcome, vivid spurts because of his hyperthymesia. So far he only confides to his best friend about his past sins, trying his best not to remember the names of his victims. But they continue to haunt and plague him.
Life as a Drifter     Age 103+
His first memory of regaining his humanity comes from the recognition of his best friend, Blue Huxley, at his side. Even as mindless, blood-feasting monsters, the childhood friends stuck together. Like a pack. Crowley has only been a Level V Infected for a couple months now, and he still continues to struggle with his humanity vs his predator side. He has yet to fully control his bloodlust, and is terrorized in the meantime by PTSD.
Extra Information
Infected     Level V
Being turned within the first year of the outbreak, the virus inside Crowley has finally mutated into that of a Level V Infected. Along with this comes all the 'perks' of being an Infected. However, he only recently mutated, meaning he's still struggling to regain what humanity is left inside him, and try to control his primal urges that just want to kill and feed.
Languages     Trilingual
From a young age, Crowley was fascinated with learning languages, considering he grew up bilingual with English and his mother's native language, Italian. It always excited him to be able to converse with people in another language. In school, he decided to pick up another language, Greek, and he's still able to speak rather fluently in all three languages. If he wasn't an Infected, chances are he would love to learn more languages.