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Blood & Bone    Profile of Ananke Drakos

Ananke Drakos
Basic Information
Ananke is military raised, if not bred and born. She has had discipline, obedience, and loyalty beaten into her for years, making her the perfect soldier on paper. Her record is spotless. Her achievements in combat are numerable. She has never questioned her purpose, her mission, and especially never the intentions of her superiors.

Even so, she's acutely aware that the military is both efficient and cruel; the second she ceases to be useful, she'll be thrown away. So Ananke takes care to continue being useful. She keeps her head down, hones her skills, and devotes her time to her occupation. She adheres to the rules and avoids those who don't. As precarious as her position is, both as a woman in the military and a nest exterminator, it's the only one she has.
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In-Depth Information
Ananke was raised strictly and carefully, and therefore became a strict and careful person in turn. She's the kind of person to organize everything from her schedule to her living quarters, making sure every little thing is perfectly in place. Planning out every minute of her day makes it difficult for anyone to invite her on any "casual outings" or "get-togethers", but since she doesn't have any friends and no stranger in their right mind would ever do that, this isn't a problem for her.

She doesn't mind having friends. Maintaining friends takes time, and she gives all her time to the Military. If she's not actively working, she's always practicing and reorganizing something, and that something is always work-related. You could call her a workaholic, but that would imply that she enjoys what she does.

Does she? Now that's a harder question to answer.

It's not like Ananke has an innate loyalty to the military because she believes their cause. She doesn't particularly think much about society as a whole, and the idea of devoting yourself to protect is for some noble cause is unthinkable to her. She simply doesn't care. But when her parents died (or abandoned her- who knows what happened), she would have died if it weren't ultimately for the military. She wouldn't have a purpose if it weren't for the military. She might not have a life if it weren't for the military. It's the hand that feeds her and keeps a firm grip on her collar. No matter what way she thinks about it, she obeys because she has to.

Is there a point questioning other options when they don't exist?

So Ananke bows her head to her betters and does her job. She makes sure not to fail because failing would mean being punished, and being punished can be so much worse than it sounds.
Quick History
Having lost her parents at the age of three, Ananke grew up in a corporate, and therefore military, funded orphanage. For fifteen years, she was given the minimum required amount of food, clothing, shelter, and education to become what she was being reared to be- as soldier. The way her 'home' worked was simple: children went in, military academy students went out. If you spoke out of turn, you were punished harshly. If you failed to meet the matron's standards, you were shipped off, never to return. Ananke never found out where those children went, and only knew that she never wanted to be one of them. With her only two options being to excel or to be discarded, she made sure not to betray expectations.

The academy was much the same- you studied, you practiced your drills, and you did what you were told. By now, obeying things without question had become much easier to Ananke. She didn't do much in the way of making friends, or even acquaintances for that matter, but that didn't matter when there were teammates to lead and superiors to follow.

She was well suited to it, as much as anyone her age could be. She didn't shy away from the guns and hand-to-hand combat, and while she wasn't naturally gifted with any sort of academic intelligence, even she could figure any problem out with enough time and experimentation. When she was first shown how to kill an Infected, she neither flinched nor hesitated. After all, the stories of all the children whisked away from the orphanage, of what happened to people who couldn't succeed, was a scarier, more unknown fate by far.

The Infected were physical things. They could be sliced, burned, and killed. The possibility of abandonment and discard? That was unknowable.

When she graduated, and was recommended for the nest elimination branch, Ananke accepted her fate without batting an eye.
Extra Information
Expert Marksman: As a specialist in the Task Force branch, Ananke has chosen to specialize in marksmanship, specifically with sniper rifles. She can quickly maintain, dismantle, re-assemble, and shoot any gun widely used by the military, and quite a few that aren't. However, her strengths lie in long distance shots; while her teammates hunt down the nests, she typically supports them from behind.

Hand to hand combat: While it's not her specialty, Ananke is still plenty capable of taking someone down with physical force. Not only has she been formally educated in the matter, she's also unafraid to fight dirty. She'll open your old wounds, throw things into your face, and kick you where it hurts if you dare give her the opportunity. (You should probably not allow her the opportunity.)