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Mature  Spread Your Wings [ PAST ]    Tag: Ares Wheeler
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Six years of clawing his way through the ranks and proving himself time and again has finally boiled to the one thing Étienne has been craving the most since he had first stepped into the Junkyard: the position of Boss.

It was a bitter sweet moment for the young French man. His promotion came at the cost of a life — Edward, the previous Boss of Eclipse, had met his demise earlier in the week at the jaws of a Feral. Étienne had been part of the looting mission that accompanied the man, but even he hadn't been able to reverse fate. They knew from the deep bite wounds that the man wasn't going to last long, and all of them stayed with him until morning when he finally took his last breath and the toxins overwhelmed his body. It was the first time Étienne had seen death like that. The Inner Citadel was a sheltered place for the rich, and even with his own expeditions to the outside world, Infected were still a relatively new thing for him.

Nearly a week after the man's death, Étienne had been given the news that the advisors had decided to promote him to Boss. That was just this morning, and his mind was still overwhelmed with the news. Adrenaline rushed uncomfortably through his body, putting him in a state of constant awareness. He'd chosen to avoid most people throughout the day, the few that he had run across immediately welcoming him as their new leader — gossip traveled fast, apparently. But he saw it in their eyes.

Not everyone was so pleased with the news.

He was young, and reckless, and had a temper that was often set off by the smallest of things. How could someone like that lead them? While no one voiced their complaints aloud, Étienne was good at reading people and he just knew it was what many people were thinking. So he skulked around camp like a phantom, avoiding the high traffic areas and sticking to the shadows. He didn't even bother to return to his home; it was too easy for them to find him there. It wasn't until the dark blanket of night settled over camp that Étienne had finally felt comfortable to find a place to confront his own feelings on the matter.

He currently sat on a chair situated close to one of the massive barrel fires the Eclipse camp kept burning throughout the night, the only real source of heat for the group members. There were several barrels throughout the Junkyard, and most people had sensed the young Boss had wished to be alone, so he currently had no company with him. Several bottles of alcohol littered the ground beside where he sat — the buzz of intoxication put his mind at ease for the first time that day. A cigarette hung lazily between two fingers as a puff of smoke trailed lazily from between his lips and into the night air, his eyes focused on the fire raging in front of him.

Who knew power came at such a mental cost?

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Étienne is approximately 26 years old in this thread
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If anyone could sniff out the suddenly-elusive new Boss of the Eclipse, it was Ares. Since he had heard the news, the grief that clutched his heart evaporated into joy for the young frenchman. For Etienne was a man he found no fault in, or perhaps did notice those imperfections, but chose to ignore them for the impenetrable image of his greatest role model since the Strongholder stepped foot in the compound. To Ares, Ettie was the perfect choice as the new Eclipse Boss. Where Edward was cautious, Ettie was daring and full of initiative. Edward had guile, foresight while Ettie was direct and acted before asking questions. This world was not kind to those that spent too much time thinking, so his mother would tell him.

He was unsure what Tabitha thought of the decision, as one of those experienced members that factored into the vote. He tried to persuade her towards choosing Ettie, or a man like him (there were none, but some had the potential) and his election only incited Ares to believe that perhaps his small voice shown through in that predominant decision.

Ares had thought the man to be the center of life when the announcement was made, to celebrate loudly and jubilantly as he did. To his, and most other people's surprise, Ettie had made himself scarce, to the point where some believed they had nominated a ghost to leadership. Ares' sole mission that day was to find Ettie once the commotion died, and he did so by listening to his intuition and following his nose.

Ettie could be found in a haze of cigarettes and liquor. That's what the elder surrounded himself when he got in these rare, sulking moods. Ares first saw his shadowed figure, reclined by a barrel fire that split through the dark night. From that figure rose a thin trail of smoke.

"Etienne!" Ares whispered harshly, knowing the other would not be keen to other Eclipses knowing his position. He emerged into orange glow, two cold beers stuck between his two knuckles. His smile split the fiery aura, as brilliant and puerile as his eyes.

"Hey, congrats, dude!" he slapped the other companionatively on the shoulder. Without waiting for a response, as he feared the other would brush him away and figured alcohol might change his mind, he held up the beers. "Got us some drinks to celebrate. But, uh..." his green eyes swept over the battlefield of glass corpses. "..looks like you've got that covered."

He plopped himself down beside Ettie on the ground, deciding to work into his own bottle instead. "I knew they would choose you. You're, like, the most qualified Eclipse!"
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He'd managed to avoid just about everyone for the better part of the day, but it came as no surprise there was at least one person that managed to track him down. If he had to be honest, Étienne wasn't particularly bothered by it — he'd had a soft spot for the Junkyard Kid for a long time now. They got along well ever since he joined Eclipse, and it wasn't exactly a secret just how much the younger man admired him. Even if he didn't notice it himself, there was enough gossip around camp. If anyone could understand him in that instance, and not judge him, it was Ares.

Étienne takes another drag of his cigarette as his grey-blue eyes turn to look at the figure slowly revealing himself, the orange hue of the fire licking at his features and highlighting just how handsome of a young man he'd grown into. That smile was almost enough to make the new young Boss of Eclipse smile in return, but he's too busy inhaling smoke into his lungs. Thankfully he pulls the cigarette away just in time, as Ares slaps him on the shoulder in a congratulatory way once he's close enough. Étienne lets out a small huff of laughter and mumbles a thanks to Ares.

He laughs as Ares points out the multitude of bottles strewn about the place and sticks out a hand to take one of the bottles from Ares anyway — not like he had plans to stop drinking anyway.

“You know I'd never say no to another drink,” he grins, taking the top off the bottle with an opener and immediately downing a gulp of the alcohol, enjoying the way it fizzed in his mouth and throat as it went down.

“Thanks, kid,” he laughs at Ares's comment, offering him the opener he had used to take the top off his bottle. “Hey, you never know. Keep doing what you're doing, and maybe one day you'll end up as Boss of Eclipse as well. Follow in my footsteps,” he laughs, even if there as a sort of somber reality to his words. He only got to the place he was in now because the previous Boss had died at the jaws of an Infected. But in a world like theirs, there was lots of things ready to kill you.

“As long as you keep listening to your elders,” he teases, reaching out with his free hand to ruffle Ares's hair affectionately.

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He took the bottle opener from Ettie's outstretched arm, his eyes glimmering as the new Boss struck fantasies into his head.

"Really?.." Ares breathed, unbelieving, yet energetic with hope. The bottle opener made things substantially easier (and probably saved the looter from chipping a tooth or two) and he was knocking back beers with the Frenchman. To be frank, he disliked the taste of beer. He always had, but Ettie drank it as easily as water, and, as the other said, if Ares followed in his footsteps, maybe he too might lead Eclipse one day. The fact that the beer was cold made drinking it less painful and, after a couple of them, the taste numbed on his tongue all together.

Ettie reached over to ruffle Ares' brown locks. The youth ducked his head down, not wanting the other to notice the predictable racing of his heart and glow of his cheeks. For Ettie could never know that, ever since those overwhelming urges descended on Ares, it was him that pushed him to release. Behind closed doors, hand wrapped desperate and hot around his cock glistening with spit, Ares eyes fluttered shut and it was Ettie he imagined, that tongue that spoke fancy words exploring and marking every freckle, every bare inch of his young body.

Ares drank heavily, wishing those urges, that had grown stronger everyday, gone.

The silence was punctuated with the crackle of the barrel fire and the occasional sound of glass clattering on the ground. His cheeks grew warm, from the alcohol, the open flame, the handsome man reclined beside him.

"So, what's the first thing you're gonna do now that you're Boss?" He sipped. "Check out all the cool weapons the blazing suns hide from us? That's what I would do."

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He watched as Ares slowly began to down the beers like they were nothing, and he can't help but smirk at the sight — just like him. Maybe it was arrogance to believe that anything Ares did was because of his influence, but he still liked to think that the young man was becoming more and more like him every day. It was a strange feeling to feel proud of that — considering his parents had once tried to mold him into a new version of themselves — and yet this felt different. It felt as though he were making a bigger difference in Eclipse, and perhaps that difference would carry over once he started acting as the new Boss of the organization.

A comfortable silence falls between them for a bit, Étienne's gaze trained to the fire that roars in the barrel in front of them. So life would go on just like it had before, even if the power he had now was different than before. Even as whispers of disagreement about his rise had met his ears, he felt comfortable to know that he could have allies like Ares at his side.

The silence is broken by Ares beginning to speak again, and Étienne laughs as he turns his head sideways to stare at the kid.

Was he always so cute looking? Maybe it was just the alcohol buzzing through his veins speaking, but the man stares just a little too long at Ares before he returns his gaze to the fire, taking another sip of beer.

“I don't know what your definition of 'cool' is,” he laughs, combing fingers through his hair, “but I'm afraid Eclipse just has the usual Military weapons. Nothing fun or interesting like you might be imagining.” Étienne didn't learn how to properly use firearms until he had joined Eclipse, but since then he liked to think he had become something of a marksman. It gave him free reign of the armoury already, and he knew exactly what the Blazing Suns brought in from the outside. Some pistols, assault rifles, and the occasional sniper rifle — but nothing that really went boom.

“You know what I should do first?” he questions suddenly as he turns to look at Ares, leaning slightly in his chair to bring him closer to the younger man. “I should make you my assistant. Hm? What would you think of that? I could get you to do all my dirty work for me,” he jokes.

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"Oh," Ares frowned, eyebrows drawn like a disappointed puppy. So Frank had been teasing him about the "super cool, super secret" stockpile hidden behind those double doors. At his next sip, he wrinkled his nose, the thought of accusing Frank acrimoniously of his duplicity crossing his mind.

He felt him lean over more than he saw him. The slight flicker of Ettie's shadow, stretched out in front him, looming over Ares' phantom like the metaphorical idol he was. He felt his cheeks grow hotter and pressed the nozzle of his bottle against his cheek, if only to relish the relieving cool of the glass.

"You know what I should do first?" Ares heart beat faster. "I should make you my assistant..."

Ares knew meeting Ettie's eyes would be a bad idea. He had been determined to keep his eyes anchored to the flicker of flames, the sticky beer bottle he poked at with his foot. Because he knew that, when he looked over, the man of his fantasies would be looking back, eyes clear as glass, cheeks dusted with a drunken flush. At the same time, he could not stop himself. He needed to look at those eyes, that face, that brought him as much comfort as it did anxiety.

With the beer working into his system, he held Ettie's gaze. Eyes wide, admirable, indicative that those eyes had not changed since Ares was twelve.

It was a joke, and Ares laughed along, scoffing. "In your dreams. I know when you say 'dirty work', you mean all the boring stuff."

As he tilted the bottle back to take another sip, he continued, "I'd rather be stripped naked and forced to dance in front of the Stronghold gates than be stuck inside making deals."

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Unfortunately, it seems like his little ploy of making Ares his assistant doesn't exactly get very far, and he throws his head back with a full-bellied laugh at Ares's response, just starting to get to the point where the alcohol was reaching his head and making him feel a bit flushed under his clothes. It's a rather cool night, but the alcohol buzzes in his system and makes him feel hot. A hand works its way up so that deft fingers can undo the top button of his shirt, just enough to expose a bit of skin.

“You know me too well!” he exclaims, maybe a bit loud, and his head lolls to the side so he can gaze at Ares once more. “Here I thought I'd be able to trick you into doing that for me,” he grins, teasing, and turns his gaze back to the flicker of the barrel fire. The rest of his beer is tipped back into his mouth and then the bottle is gone, tossed to the side as Étienne reaches for another. He really shouldn't — somewhere in the back of his mind, he realizes he's already drank more than he should have, even if he has a high tolerance for booze. But still, the buzz in his veins is just enough to remove the worries and stress that had been plaguing him all day.

His gaze is still trained to the barrel as Ares speaks again, making a joke about how he'd rather be stripped naked and forced to dance than have anything to do with the boring stuff Étienne had tried to trick him into doing, and a joke begins to settle on the tip of the new Boss's tongue.

It catches there, a strange tightening of his throat that doesn't let him make a joke out of the comment. He feels even hotter suddenly, like a fire licking through his body as his mind begins to play something in his mind's eye. He'd never really thought about it before, being someone that didn't often cater to his own carnal wants and desires. But there it is: a young man standing before him with wide, curious eyes and windswept hair; body hard and toned from years of hard work, skin speckled with sweat and something else— He blinks the vision away.

But it continues to linger.

“Heh—” it starts as a laugh, but when he turns his gaze back to the younger man, there's something else there now — something darker. A want, a lust, a need. “I'd love to see that.”

He holds Ares's gaze perhaps for a beat too long, the image in his mind slowly aligning itself with the younger man at his side. His eyes are trained to Ares's face, but eventually they fall — fall lower and lower in a hooded, suggestive way, his gaze beginning to strip the young man of the clothes he wears, wondering just how far he'd be able to get with that. There's a moment when his gaze suddenly stops wandering and he can't help but lick his lips, a subconscious reaction to the wheels turning in his mind, but finally he lifts his gaze again to meet Ares's eyes.

“Are you saying,” he leans back now, a mock attempt at putting some space between them, “you wouldn't like to work directly under me?” The suggestion is there, aided by his heated gaze.

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Ares watched, half-entranced, as Etienne lifted a hand to unbutton the top of his shirt. The barrel fire danced on sloping skin, curves as sinewy as that of a woman. The youth felt his cheeks grow even hotter and hoped, prayed, that the cool beer he drank would help with the flush. It seemed futile at this point, however, and Ares conceded that Etienne would color his cheeks bashful forever. He could only wish that Ettie didn't notice him stare too long, encapsulated by the innocuous, yet somehow suggestive, action.

The bottle Ettie threw clunked on the ground, chiming as it hits another discarded glass. It reminded Ares of just how much he drank. Less than Etienne, for sure, but substantially enough where the world glowed around him and his mind was dizzy, hazy and... unhinged.

He wondered how his fear, his bloom, could melt so quickly with just a couple of drinks. He wondered how, when Ettie looked at him and his caramel eyes swirled into a dark storm, hooded under a sweep of blonde hair, he felt that familiar tug, a tightness in the front of his pants. And how the embarrassment was overtaken by curiosity, desire, for an object that lay so far out of his grasp.

Ares turned to Ettie suddenly. He was not sitting on the ground anymore but was instead perched on his knees. His hands grasped his thighs, the beer bottle held half-forgotten between strong phalanges. He responded to Ettie's dark gaze with wide, green eyes. Less suggestive than Etienne's, and more entranced, as Ares fought his way through that drunken haze and blinding desire to listen to that shrinking, fearful voice of reason.

What if he rejects you? What if he doesn't?

His cheeks flushed hotter, as he no longer hides his gaze, blatantly watching as Ettie's tongue runs across his lips. They shimmered. He subconsciously mimicked the action, as he always did with Ettie, tasting that cheap, hoppy beer for the second time.

When Ettie leaned back, Ares leaned forward, like some invisible rope bound them together. Heat rushed to his face and, in a voice that sounded smaller than it felt, he asked, "Well- I can’t really say. Why don't you show me what that would be like?"

Alarm bells blared in his head but all he could think about was the chance to breathe to life his fantasy, his biggest desire.

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A small, pink tongue escapes Ares's lips as he mimics the action Étienne had done just seconds before, and the drunk man's gaze is immediately trained to the action, taking in the flushed face of the younger man that stares so openly and eagerly at him. Almost wanton in its expression. Thoughts drift to things much more carnal in nature now as the new Boss of Eclipse wonders how he could put that tongue of Ares's to good use, but even as drunk as he is, he doesn't make a move. Not yet. He notes the way that Ares closes the gap between them as he leans back, the younger man perched on his knees now as he leans forward.

Almost like a dog eager for its master's attention. His blue-grey eyes remain trained to Ares, the alcohol buzzing in his system urging him to just make a move already. While he didn't necessarily spend a lot of time worrying about his own libido like he did when he was younger, he also was the kind of person that liked taking what he wanted — and at that moment, he couldn't deny the attraction that he felt for Ares.

Perhaps it even bordered on... Affection?

He once again flashes a grin as a hot blush spreads across the younger man's face, and he remains quiet as Ares begins to speak. Étienne sucks in a breath as the invitation hangs thick and heavy in the air, a pause of silence between the two of them as they sit there, staring at one another, the sexual tension noticeable now. The man is quiet as he slowly places his still-full bottle of beer down on the ground next to him, before he suddenly leans forward and places his elbows on his knees, closing the gap that much more.

They're so close now that he can practically feel Ares's breath on his face — quick and excited. He closes the gap even more as he leans his head forward — but, teasingly, still leaves some breathing room between the two of them as he begins to speak.

“Your mom would kill me,” he whispers in a hot breath, with just a hint of a smirk on his lips — clearly it doesn't actually worry him, and rather he's just using it as an excuse to tease Ares a little. “She already gets on my case about how I've—” a lone finger reaches out and snags itself in the hem of Ares's shirt, pulling him forward to close that last little bit of distance between them, corrupted you.” He whispers the last couple words against Ares's lips and then grins, just daring Ares to complete the invitation and draw him into a kiss.

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Something flickered in Ettie's eyes. Something dark and dangerous as the man himself, far from the recluse Ares found earlier that day sulking by a barrel fire. Ares did not mean to look wanton- it was the flush of the beer, the flame, that gave him hot cheeks, wide, glimmering eyes and plush lips that glistened under the sporadic flickers of orange light. A sharp contrast to the innocence and vulnerability that Ares felt, stripped naked and bare under Ettie's rakish gaze. He could only recall seeing Ettie like this in his fantasies, when the night was silver and blue and his thoughts could float free and private.

Then, the new Boss leaned forward. It almost seemed as though his face were rising from shadow, the features becoming hawkish and brilliant as he occupied the fire's apricot glow. Ares' lower lip fell open, subconsciously and dumbstruck, as he could count every wispy, blonde lash on Ettie's eyelid and swim in blue-grey depths deep as a chasm. He did not realize that he had tipped forward, shoulders extending past bent knees, pulled in Ettie's gravitational influence. Ares could feel his own breath, bounce back to him, as it reflected off of Ettie's face.

The mention of his mother disturbed Ares to brief reality, but such clarity quickly shied away as Ares was pulled, by the collar of his shirt, even closer to Ettie. His wide, sage eyes tore themselves from the other's enrapturing stare, only to fall to lips that spoke words, so sweet in their temptation, teasing and temerity.

The crackle of the fire faded to Ares' heart, pumping wildly in his ears.

"If this is what corruption feels like," his words sounded distant, like were not his own, instead breathed to life by some external influence. His head tilted down further, to where their foreheads touched and Ares could feel Ettie's skin searing under his own. He closed his eyes and said in what sounded like one long, surrendering exhale, "Then I don't care what my mom will think."

The kiss came sudden and electric. It was a strange feeling in that it was not what Ares expected. No, it was more intense, more intimate, more desperate than the youth could have possibly imagined, exacerbated by that it was initiated by himself. Ares twisted his head further to the side, so he could get deeper access past Ettie's lips, so he could relish that which he had thought, until moments ago, a forbidden fruit. He brought his hands up and grasped the back of Ettie's neck, pulling him in deeper, closer, suddenly wanting to sink into the addicting feeling.

He only pulled himself back when he found himself gasping for air. Even then, breathing did not feel as sweet as Etienne's lips, as Ares opened his eyes for the first time and dared to look into the handsome face gazing back at him. The youth's eyes were half-lidded, mouth half-parted, panting and deliciously supple. His hands still grasped the back of Ettie's neck, pulling him down to Ares' level, where he perched atop bent knees.

"Please, Ettie, I- don't leave."
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They were so close to one another, and yet there was an unfamiliar hesitation in the way Étienne pulled Ares close to him — a distance, however small, that was so unlike him. Étienne was not known for being hesitant — he always went for what he wanted, no matter how bad of an idea it was. He was brash and brazen, especially when drunk, and it usually didn't take him long to claw the clothes off the other person so that he could simply have what he wanted. Étienne was stubborn and hotheaded, and that often translated into a rather selfish lover.

But Ares was... Different.

For whatever reason, Étienne was more cognizant of what they were doing, of what he was tempting the young man into. In truth, the new Boss didn't even know if Ares had done something like this before — just because he's never seen the younger man take interest in anyone else in camp, didn't mean he didn't do such things behind closed doors. There was a small thrill at the idea that this was actually Ares's first time, and perhaps that's what made him hesitant to make the first move, even if he was the one that put his hands on the other man first. But as their foreheads collide and their breath wash over one another, Étienne's boldness begins to spring back to life as he grins — at least he hadn't read the other man wrong.

They both wanted this, that much was clear. A soft chuckle leaves Étienne's lips at Ares's words, but there's no chance to reply before their lips suddenly crash into one another. For a moment he lets Ares take the lead, lips pressed against one another as they greedily suffocate themselves in the feeling. Fingers wrap around the back of his neck to pull him that much closer, and Étienne rewards the younger man by snaking his tongue between his lips, deepening their kiss and pulling forth a groan to rumble in his chest. As Ares pulls back, Étienne almost punishes him by biting gently on his lower lip as he pulls back, letting go only at the last second with a devilish smirk on his face.

He feels a twitch in his pants at the sight of Ares's blushing red face, lips slick with spit. Étienne's own eyes reflect the younger man's arousal, half-hooded and dark with desire. He feels the pull, hears the plea — and the young Boss gives Ares what he desires.

“C'mere,” Étienne mumbles in a drunk slur, reaching up to grip both of the younger man's wrists before he yanks backwards, pulling Ares off his knees and right into Étienne's lap. They sway and the chair groans as it struggles to take on the weight of a second person, but Étienne merely laughs it off as he encourages Ares to wrap his hands around his neck once more, his own hands traveling down, down, down — before fingers wrap possessively around Ares's hips, dragging the young man even closer into his lap until there's barely any room to breathe. A huff of breath leaves him before he leans forward and once more dominates Ares's mouth with his own. He doesn't even care if someone sees them.

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