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Private  Who Called the Cops?    Tag: Ananke Drakos
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Played by Silhouette    75 Posts Étienne Blanchard
TAG Ananke Drakos

He takes a beat to slow his stride until he comes to a complete stop, his head twisting around to glare at her in the dark as her words ring in his ears. Étienne wasn't exactly known for keeping a cool head about things, and her words definitely rankled him with how arrogant she was. Honestly, it didn't surprise him — even if he wasn't already used to it from their brief time spent together, it was also something that was very familiar for a Military officer. The organization dominated the world, letting everyone know that they were the ones in charge of everything. That kind of attitude very quickly spread to those even lower down in the hierarchy.

Give a little power... And they let it get to their head.

For a moment he's tempted to snap out some snarky comment about how she expected this of all things to give him cold feet, but something inside him commands him to just shut up and keep moving. The longer he spent arguing with the woman, the longer he had to spend in her company. Étienne didn't realize how boorish it was to be in the company of a Military officer until this moment. Instead he simply rolls his eyes — not that it was obvious in the dark — and turns back to continue in the direction he was originally headed. Their steps echoing around them, it doesn't take long until they finally reach the end of the hall, and with it, their exit. The Eclipse Boss momentarily holsters his gun so that he can push the door open; heavy, obviously not meant to be used often.

A blast of fresh air — as fresh as air can get inside Stronghold — meets him as he exits the underground building. He didn't even realize they had been heading up in the hallway, but seeing as how they were now standing in the middle of a street, it was clear the hall hadn't exactly been flat.

“Finally,” he mumbles under his breath as he drinks in the fresh air, his heart slowly starting to slow its beat as adrenaline begins to drain from his body — but he's not stupid. He immediately draws his gun and turns to face the Military officer, weapon lifted and pointed in her direction. Both hands remain on his gun, steadying his aim.

“Looks like it's finally time for us to go our separate ways, officer,” he muses in a cool tone, just daring her to try something now that they weren't in immediate danger. “I'm sure your men are looking for you.” Give her a reason to leave him be.

Posted 07-21-2021, 03:47 PM
Played by SweetDreamur    41 Posts Ananke Drakos
The journey through the tunnel is as tense as it is dark, but by some miracle, neither Jabberwocky nor Infected crosses their path. She's aware of a slight incline beneath her feet, so it doesn't surprise her when they surface above the ground level.

'Finally' is right.

She vaguely recognizes the intersection; it's one that she'd been briefed about when going over the area surrounding the building. They must not be very far away. Still, the specialist keeps her guard up- you never know what might happen on missions like these- and her fears are almost immediately founded, because the blond is whipping around and she knows that when he does, it'll be with his gun raised.

He's so much stupider than he looks. A shame.

Without missing a beat, the Specialist readies her weapon as well. She's not naive enough to discount this happening, and she's not slow enough to let a civilian beat her to the draw. They're at a standoff now, at least equally matched. "You know, I was going to let you go," she mused. And it was true; Ananke hadn't cared about the criminal apprehension aspect of this entire operation, and she wasn't about to start now. But having a gun turned on her- after she'd just helped him escape potential death or arrest- that irks her to no end. "But sure. Let's shoot each other at point blank. See how well our body armour holds up." Even without the streetlights, it's glaringly obvious that as the military soldier outfitted in anticipation of combat, Ananke would be the more protected of the two. She's covered head to toe in kevlar, layered on with vests and pads, and him? He's a civilian. His very head is completely uncovered.

"Or, I could radio in my men and have them come to us." A riskier option, one that would require that she eschew using her firearm, but between the distance, her armor, and her aim, Ananke highly doubts the man would be able to kill her before she tells everyone on the squad where she is. At the very least Criminal Activities would love to get their hands on him. "Or, and I suggest you take this option, you can put the gun on the ground, turn around, and go. And I'll accept your apology."

Suddenly, the radio strapped to her shoulder flares to life. "Area clear. All infected have been subdued." It's her second in command. "All members report."

Various voices start to call in. So there were survivors after all. In less tense circumstances, Ananke would be breathing a sigh of relief. It's good to know a change in scenario didn't impede her team's ability to fight.

"Well?" She asks the man, who now better be rethinking his actions. "What'll it be?"

Posted 07-21-2021, 04:56 PM
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