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N/A Site Plot Sign-Ups
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Site Plot Sign-Ups

In celebration of Blood & Bone's second month anniversary, sign-ups for Site Challenge #01 are now underway! If you are interested in participating, make sure to check out the linked thread for requirements to join. The sign-ups will run for an entire week, after which point the event will get underway and you'll all get to see what's been planned.

For this first Challenge, only certain characters are allowed to sign-up. But don't worry! All characters/factions will eventually be involved in the site plot at some point or another. For those not eligible for joining the Challenge, or those that simply miss the time-frame to sign up, Random Events will also be posted to allow everyone the chance to have some fun. While these won't contribute to the main site plot, they might start other smaller plots for your characters to get involved in.

For those unsure what this is, Challenges are staff-run threads that are dedicated towards advancing the overall site plot. Even if you do not participate in it personally, it will begin to build on the site lore and help advance everyone's knowledge of the site and the overarching story there is to tell. This is completely optional, and you are in no way required to join.

Hopefully everyone is excited for what's to come!
Posted 06-05-2021, 08:43 PM