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2 hours. For the better part of 2 hours, Blue hadn't murmured a word. But when the young male drifted into silence, other senses seem to come alive. He kept his ears to the ground and nose to the air, even though his mind traveled in directions non-containable. His gaze flickering between Crowley -- who was just a step or two ahead of him -- and their surroundings. They'd stumbled upon a new area after being on foot for a long time. Blue had no idea of what was to come but from what he could see up ahead, the area looked massive.

It was quite different from the last place they'd stopped. As most areas would be depending how built up and protected they were. Blue wasn't so much worried about protection. After experiencing what he and Crowley had, what else was left to suffer through? He was actually apart of the big bad monster population even though he hated everything about it. But what was one to do? Die. Blue knew the feeling. On the really bad days of feeling down about the state of himself, he flirted with the thought of death. Never uttered a word to his best friend though. He didn't want to worry or hurt Crowley. That was what kept him here. He didn't want to leave Crowley to go through the rest of this wretched existence alone. So he bottled his painful thoughts and pushed them to the far recesses of his mind.

Blue felt better about doing this life with Crowley by his side. He felt that whatever else they might come across to hurt them, they could handle it together. Like this new town in front of them. It wasn't like they had talked to anybody to get a briefing on it, so they were essentially coming in and having to learn on the fly. Not totally unfamiliar territory for them. My how life had changed for him. One minute he was a normal teenager and the next he was a monster with an insatiable thirst to quench. Blue, a sweetheart at his core. How would one ever come to believe that he once feasted on the throat of a child many moons ago. That just might be his very worst memory sense becoming an infected.

In this new town, he was hoping for less drama and more flying under the radar. He and Crowley tended to hold each other accountable for the most part, but one never knows what may lay ahead. After a long beat of silence, Blue let out a small breath."Crowley?"Blue said softly, reaching a hand out and coasting a finger up the outer shell of his friend's hand as he was sometimes prone to do. Blue was big on physical contact. Both good and bad at this point."W-what do y-you..mmm...t-think? s-stay here for a w-w-while?"he inquired as hazel orbs took in Stronghold.

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It felt like they'd been traveling for years — in hindsight, they had been. They just never really had a purposeful destination like they did now. The mutation into a new kind of Infected, one where they were very much themselves again, had been strange and foreign. Crowley was still trying his best to adapt to it, and it's because of that, that he was very thankful he had Blue at his side. It was almost a miracle they had stuck together as they did, even as mindless, bloodlusting creatures whose only purpose in life was to hunt and feed on humans. Yet even in that state of mind, the two best friends hadn't wandered away from each other's sides — some perhaps would even call that fate.

Crowley liked to think they were just meant to be together.

The young man smiles as he thinks about everything they'd gone together. Over the past few days, the landscape had begun to change, and signs of settlement began popping up here or there. For the most part, the two Infected had avoided confrontations with other people, if only to save themselves just as much as other people. But there was still something exhilarating about the idea that they were close to society once more. That they weren't the only ones left roaming the world.

The massive walls of Stronghold had come into their sight line a week back, like a foreign, man-made mountain rising up on the horizon. It was almost foreboding, but it drew the two of them to it like magnets anyway. As they stood there now, gazing at Stronghold in the distance, Crowley felt his chest tighten slightly as his heart beat a little faster. He was certain this was close to the destination they had originally been headed before they had been turned. Maybe...? No. He couldn't think like that. He shakes his head to rid himself of such thoughts, and is immediately grounded by a feather light touch along his hand.

Crowley turns his head with a smile towards Blue as his friend begins to speak to him, and instinctively Crowley intertwines their fingers together so that he could hold the other man's hand. Make him feel safe.

"I'm not sure," he admits in response, his blue eyes widening slightly as they turn back in the direction of Stronghold. "I won't lie, there's certainly something eerie about it," he laughs, hoping to put Blue at ease regardless of what he says, "but it's the largest settlement we've run across since we started searching. What do you think? The size of a city?" He throws the question at Blue as he lifts his free hand above his eyes to shade them from the sun as he tries to get a better look at Stronghold in front of them. Not that there was much to see on ground level because of the walls, of course, but nonetheless it was interesting.

"Perhaps yeah, we should stay for a bit and keep watch? Hopefully get an idea of what we're walking into?" he speaks again as he once more looks back at Blue with a grin stretching across his face, his hand giving Blue's a little squeeze of comfort; reassurance.

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"Massive"he stated his opinion on the city that lay ahead of them. The biggest they'd come across in a long time. While it looked foreboding, Blue was a little excited to get in and explore, yet he had his reservations too. Who would they encounter while there? And with there being so many humans possibly in close proximity to them, how will would they be able to control their bloodlust. Blue didn't want an accident, especially being so new.

Blue's hand instinctively squeezed Crowley's. They had each other and usually with that in mind, he felt they could get through anything in their way. But without really knowing what this new city would provide, he couldn't be so cocky to think they would surely be comfortable right off the bat. Perhaps Crowley's suggestion to stay and keep watch before entering the city was the best idea yet. He turned his head to his friend and smiled softly."Y-your right.T-that is the b-best thing to d-do." They would have a bit more exposure to infected being out there but that didn't worry him as much as humans.

In his current state, infected were the last thing he was scared of now. He only had to try to protect himself from any aggressors but luckily that wasn't something he had to do just yet. Important thing was was to keep being to themselves. They couldn't count on anyone but each other and until that changed in some way, it was them against everything else.

Blue's gaze flicked around. They would have to make a temporary home somewhere. Preferably not so out in the open and prone to invasion they did not want. "W-where s-should we m-make camp?"he asked then, knowing Crowley was much better at these types of logistics than he was. He trusted his best friend and knew he wouldn't steer him wrong. If Crowley felt an abandoned store was their best bet, than Blue would be right there with him.

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Massive. Indeed, Crowley agrees with some rapid nodding of his head. Definitely much larger than anything they've encountered since... Well, since the world started collapsing around them. The drifter wondered momentarily how much Blue remembered about the time spent as Infected — if he remembered the world as it collapsed around them, overrun by creatures much stronger, faster, and more aggressive than any human being. But as curious as he is, he never thought to ask his friend about it, if only because he wanted to protect himself from his own memories of that time. It wasn't exactly fond memories, after all.

He feels a returned squeeze of his hand and he turns his head to grin at Blue, a fondness in his eyes as he takes his friend in and listens to what he says. The other Infected agrees with him, which makes Crowley happy that they were on the same page. It would make things much more difficult if Blue had wanted to immediately head for the first bit of civilization they had run across, rather than biding their time to learn about such things. After all, it wasn't like they had much to be worried about out here... Infected weren't going to be much of a problem, and they'd somehow managed to survive decades without the survival skills they now possessed. They were fine... Right?

Blue suddenly asks him where they should make camp, and Crowley briefly lets go of his hand to look around. Even though it was clear the area around them was abandoned — the occasional shuffle of an Infected lurking somewhere nearby making that very clear — it was still rather populated with buildings. They shouldn't have much trouble finding a place that could provide a roof for their heads.

"A lot of these buildings look pretty dilapidated," he makes a face as he speaks, uncomfortable at the thought of taking shelter in some of the buildings — it would be pretty ironic if they survived this long, only to get squished under a collapsing roof.

"We may as well keep going until we can find something that looks for stable... And also something that brings us closer to the city so we can keep an eye on it," he thinks aloud, still taking a moment to look around before he turns back to Blue, clapping his hands together excitedly. "Alright! Let's get going!" he starts to head in the direction of Stronghold before he suddenly stops and looks back at Blue, and says, "are you okay with your supplies still? Do you need me to carry anything for you?" He gestures at the pack on Blue's back. He'd always been the stronger of the two, and even with the virus flowing in their veins, he was worried about his friend tiring himself out.

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Blue tended to keep the memories of his time as a newly infected to the far back reaches of his mind. Though sometimes in his sleep he can swear he still hears that youthful scream ripping from the throat of the little boy he attacked. Perhaps if he had some control, he wouldn't have attacked but second guessing anything went out the window once his fangs sank into the boy's neck and he got that first taste of ruby red. At least he was consider ant enough -- if that's what you wanted to call it -- to leave the boy alive. Still once his humanity came back into focus, he swore to himself he wouldn't do another kid that way. No matter how strong his need to feed was. No matter how incredibly easy it was to hunt a kid. He never wanted to feel more like the monster that he was and that he felt after that.

So for Blue it was just easier to focus on the here and now with Crowley than to crawl back to the past. No matter how he wondered about the things they'd left behind. Couldn't do anything to change it so you had to learn to live with it. Besides at least he saw his own happiness in Crowley. Blue felt incredibly lucky to be able to travel and combat this new world with his friend by his side versus alone and having to make important decisions alone. The later wasn't his most strong suit.

When Crowley let go his hand, his hand went instinctively to the straps of his backpack where they hung on a moment."B-been a w-while since s-someone p-pop-populated here"he noted. So long that the buildings looked like they were inching close to collapsing than standing tall. Well Blue sure didn't want to be crushed to death by a sunken roof. He'd actually be pretty happy if a tree house appeared. The thought caused him to smile as it took him back to their childhood."R-remember our t-treehouse, Crowley?"he asked then. Blue's dad had built them one in the backyard that had got a lot of use from Blue and Crowley as they grew up. "f-fun times. W-wish there w-was a t-tre-treehouse around h-here."

Probably wouldn't keep other infected out but at least there would be some familiarity with it. Blue smiled and nodded."I-i'm with y-you." It would be smarter to be closer to the city to be able to have a better vantage point of the goings ons. And again he'd go wherever Crowley wanted to because he trusted him that much. He started walking behind his friend when Crowley stopped and asked if he were okay with his supplies. Blue didn't have a whole lot of stuff. Before they left home, he only managed to grab a couple pieces of clothing. Any other clothing he had, he managed to take them from different locations. The only other thing he had in his backpack was a smaller case that held a lot of the shiny objects he'd "borrowed". He smiled at Crowley though."I-I'm okay. B-besides you have y-your s-s-stuff to carry"he said.

He knew his friend loved to help him out and Blue appreciated it so much and thought it was sweet of him. But he wanted to be fair as well. It was not fair for Crowley to carry both their things when Blue was capable to. "Y-you think the-there is an a-abandoned j-j-jewelry store here? could h-have a f-few pieces of good j-jewelry left b-b-behind"He asked, thinking of that suddenly and a spike of excitement ran through his veins.

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Crowley has his attention set on the massive stone walls that sit before them, probably miles away — even though they felt so close. Like massive man-made mountains that dominated the horizon, it was so unlike anything he'd ever seen, even before the fallout. His attention that's set on the walled city is removed only when he suddenly hears Blue begin to reminisce about the treehouse they used to play in as kids, and Crowley's attention immediately hones in on Blue's face, a goofy grin on his face as he feels nostalgia fill his entire body.

"Oh yeahhhh! Man, that was awesome! Your dad was so cool—" he stops speaking, the corners of his mouth twitching downwards unhappily. Right. Was. It didn't really hit him until that moment that their family was dead and gone, probably. If the Infected didn't get them, then they would have passed away from old age by now. Crowley couldn't even believe that he'd never see his mother again... He shakes his head quickly to rid himself of such depressing thoughts; if anything, he didn't want to make Blue sad about an otherwise happy memory.

"You always did remind me of a monkey! Or maybe, a cat? Liked being up high... You're right, it would be great if there was a treehouse around. Best we could do is probably a highrise building but..." he wrinkles his nose slightly as he looks at the buildings surrounding them, "I barely trust these buildings to camp out on the first floor of them, let alone any higher up." Yeah, no, that was definitely not even a question. They'd be better off keeping their feet on the ground, where things were much more secure.

As they head in the direction of Stronghold, Blue informs Crowley that he was fine with carrying his own stuff, and the young drifter murmurs out an 'okay' before he keeps walking. Much as he wouldn't have a problem helping out his friend — he felt so strong now, as an Infected, and he was half tempted to tell Blue as much with an exaggerated flex of his muscles — but he knew not to second guess Blue. He had to give him the benefit of the doubt that he wasn't trying to just appear strong. Their footsteps echo in the otherwise empty surroundings as they continue on with their destination now. Crowley is still distracted by the massive walls in front of them, but he's not so distracted that he doesn't hear what Blue suggests to him. It makes him laugh out loud, not even surprised that his 'magpie companion' wanted to get his hands on something shiny.

"Maybe! I can't imagine jewelry would do anyone good nowadays, so perhaps it hasn't been picked clean yet! I'll keep my eye out for you," Crowley promises his friend.

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