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Blood & Bone    Registration Desk

Registration Desk
0 Posts    0 Threads Application Forms
After reading the guidebook and appropriately filling out your profile, this is the last step you must take to officially get accepted on the site! When posting a new thread, you will be taken to a form that you must fill out completely before submitting. Once you do, it will post a new thread for you automatically inside this board. Only post here when ready; no WIP applications.
36 Posts    18 Threads Character Dossiers
All characters that have been accepted, and are currently active and in game, will have their application forms moved to this board. The dossiers are categorized based on a character's faction for easy perusal to see who's all involved with a faction, and who's not. If a character is in the wrong sub-board, please post in the Maintenance board to let staff know!