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Blood & Bone    Guidebook

Guidebook to Blood & Bone
Start Reading   Welcome to Blood & Bone!
Welcome to Blood & Bone! This is our guidebook filled with information about the site, both OOC and IC, and lore that is relevant to creating a character and writing onsite. While we recommend you read everything the guidebook contains, we have separated the different sections into mandatory and optional readings. Mandatory readings are important to read before you even make your first account, while everything else can be read and absorbed later to better help with integrating yourself into the site.

If you have a question or concern about anything, please don't be afraid to ask a staff member!
Mandatory Reading
01 | About Us
The premise of the site can be found here, as well as some OOC information that will help you with site use. This includes images and graphics, IC location ratings, thread prefixes, and more!
02 | Regulations
Both OOC and IC rules that are important to remember and follow when writing on the site, as well as interacting in our Discord. Registering an account implies you agree to these rules.
03 | Creation Process
A comprehensive break-down of the profile application with information about each section. This can be used as a guideline when creating characters to make acceptance easier.
04 | Game World
An overview of the IC game world, including climate, culture, society, technology, and more. This is important to read to better help you understand how your character would fit in.
Optional Reading
01 | History
Brief background information about the world's history, and how it came to be as it currently is onsite. Also includes current history for anything plot-related that takes place through writing.
02 | The Infected
Information about the Infected, which are a major component of the site's setting. This is not mandatory to read before registration, but it is recommended to be read before writing.
03 | Factions
Factions are an important part of the site's setting, and also dictate the member group that a character will fall into. Here is an in-depth look at the various factions your character can join.
04 | Events & Challenges
Staff-created Random Events and Challenges are an important part in pushing the site's overall plot forward. This page describes them in-depth to help you better understand how they work.
05 | Frequently Asked
Any questions that are frequently asked can be found here, as well as anything that may not be found in the guidebook pages. If you have anything to add, feel free to contact a staff member.