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Guidebook to Blood & Bone
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The post-apocalyptic world is a constant battle for survival, and because of this, there are large and distinct factions that many survivors align themselves to. Here is an in-depth look at the different factions your character can affiliate with, including groups with no distinct affiliation. Affiliations are constantly changing, and your character is always welcome to change factions over the course of time. Use the linked tabs below to navigate between the various different factions:

The majority of the population isn't part of any particular faction, choosing instead to try and live without the conflict that comes between opposing factions. For those that do choose to remain unaffiliated, there are two major groups that they can be classed as: civilians and drifters. Civilians are people that live in the safety of Stronghold, and usually have passes that allow them to enter and leave the city at free will. On the other hand, drifters are people that live outside of Stronghold for various reasons. These people generally do not have passes into the city, and instead must struggle to survive on their own.

Listed below is further information on each type of unaffiliated group:
Civilians are regular people living in the safety of Stronghold's walls that have no affiliation ties with any faction. Whatever business they choose to go about, they tend to avoid the conflicts of the city, as well as the chaotic world outside the walls. The society of Stronghold is heavily based around a person's wealth and occupation of supplies, and people are judged based on their place in society. However, all civilians share one similarity: they all have passes that allow them access in and out of the city.
The Rich
Peope with power, wealth, and influence are highest in society, and live in the Inner Citadel in the heart of Stronghold. They thrive in a world free of Infected, and many have grown so comfortable with their lifestyle, that they've been swayed by the Military to believe there is no virus outbreak that plagues the world There is No War in Ba Sing Se. Most are completely blind to what's going on in the world, and very rarely cross paths with the part of society struggling under Military rule.
Corporations are run by the rich and funded by the Military, and are mostly what are responsible for keeping Stronghold a thriving society. They are the ones funding the Military, creating food, providing water, and manufacturing supplies. People that work for corporations are all about money, and have very little consideration for the poor residents of society.
The Poor
The majority of society are considered poor and destitute, just barely able to scrape by. Although they are guaranteed safety in Stronghold, nothing else is guaranteed for them. Food and water is heavily rationed, priority placed on those with money to bribe officers. Healthcare is nearly nonexistent, and comfort goods are given only to those able to provide for the Military. Many choose to live under the Military's thumb because the only alternative is trying to survive outside the walls.
Drifters are people that, for whatever reason, do not have residence inside Stronghold, and have no affiliation ties with any faction. The reason for them to live outside the city walls varies, and can be because they were banished by the Military, they simply do not want to live under the tyranny of the Military, or they are a Level V Infected with no interest in rejoining society. Whatever the reason, some choose to live alone, while others choose to live together in different colonies for safety and protection.
Some drifters prefer to live alone, surviving off supplies they can find and defending their own block of territory in abandoned towns and facilities. While it's the hardest lifestyle in terms of safety, it also means they are not required to look after and care for others. These are generally, but not always, people that have been exiled from Stronghold. Solos also tend to do a lot of trade with Eclipse, as it's harder for them to find supplies on their own.
While some drifters prefer to live alone, most end up finding groups of people to live with. Increased safety and larger amounts of supplies makes this lifestyle much easier for drifters, although with it also often comes the requirement to protect everyone in the colony. Not all colonies are the same, and vary from colony to colony, and leader to leader. Colonies will often stake out their own territory for defense, and sometimes butt heads with Eclipse members that are looking for supplies to loot.
Mercenaries are exceptionally skilled and adept drifters that have been hired by the Military to take part in elimination of Infected nests and areas. The Military would never admit to hiring drifters to do their dirty work, but they simply aren't as skilled at living outside in high threat areas like drifters are. Mercenaries are regularly supplied with weapons and ammunition by the Military to take on such tasks, and in return for their service they are offered minimal protection by the Military. Some are even given passes that allow them to enter Stronghold, just not hold residence there.