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Guidebook to Blood & Bone
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With a fun and inclusive community in mind, Blood & Bone has the following rules in place. They are designed to keep things running smoothly and let people write and have fun. If there are any issues, or you have concerns about something, feel free to reach out to anyone on the staff team. We are here to help!

The rules are subject to change as the site and community grows.
Out of Character
01 | Respect
The most important rule on the site is to be respectful of others, and have basic courtesy when dealing with fellow writers. While we understand that personalities can sometimes clash, we ask that everyone play nice with one another and keep drama off the site and discord.
02 | Inclusivity
The site is POC and LGBTQ+ friendly, and we strive to have a welcoming environment for minority peoples of different races, religions, genders, sexualities, and more. If anyone ever has issues with microaggressions on the site, we encourage bringing the issue to the Staff Team. Keeping the site inclusive for everyone is very important to us.
03 | Site Rating
Blood & Bone is a 21+ site, meaning potential writers must be 21 or older to join. We are also rated Mature for potential graphic nature. Explicit content is allowed with the use of [M] Mature and [CW] Content Warning tags. We do allow writers to list out any Content Restrictions they may have on their OOC accounts to keep them safe and having fun.
04 | Registration
Your first account registered must be your OOC account. It will become your master account that all your characters are linked to via the account switcher in your control panel. Characters must all have separate accounts, and we ask you register them as First Last (ex. John Doe).
05 | Characters
While we do not have a maximum number of characters, when first joining, each writer is allowed a maximum of 3 characters. If you want more, each current character account must have a minimum of 15 IC posts before a new character can be created. Along with this, all playable characters must be at least 18+. No underage characters are allowed, unless it's as current characters played in a past thread.
06 | Ratio
We encourage writers with multiple characters to have a higher ratio of humans to Infected. This is not a requirement and will not be moderated. Just bear in mind that playable Infected are rare due to the aggression taken by the Military at the start of the outbreak, and if possible we would like to reflect this through characters played.
Our goal for the site is to be an intermediate-advanced site, but we do not have a word count requirement. We suggest at least a paragraph per post, but it will by no means be strictly monitored. All we ask is that you try to mirror your writing partner as much as possible (ex. if your partner gives you 1,000 words, please don't give them a sentence as a reply).
We require characters to have at least 1 post a month to be considered active; leadership positions (positions in a faction that are limited) require at least 4 posts a month to keep their position. Feel free to reach out to the Staff Team if there are any concerns.
In Character
01 | Etiquette
Basic writing etiquette is expected on Blood & Bone. God-modding, power-playing, and meta-gaming will not be tolerated. Writers are also expected to communicate with their writing partners, ensuring that they do not introduce something into a thread without discussing with the other writer first. Along with this, respect everyone's Content Restrictions.
02 | Restrictions
While the site's rating is Mature and explicit content is allowed, said content is restricted to characters that are 18+. Threads that include underage characters, whether they are NPCs or site-based characters written in the Past & AU board, cannot include sexual content of any kind.
03 | Face Claims
Real life face claims are required on our site, and must be of people in the public's view (such as celebrities, musicians, models, etc, and not just private people you know). Face claims must be 18+, and should not be deceased in real life. Political figures and politicians, however, cannot be used as a celebrity face claim.
04 | Threads
Characters are allowed to participate in multiple threads at once, so long as the writer's activity allows for it. However, time flows as 1 month OOC = 1 month IC. While we allow for some fluidity with threads, do not to create threads that take place in the past (unless placed in the Past & AU board).
05 | IC Consequences
The Staff Team remains hands off on what writers choose to write, but do keep in mind that consequences may happen if you choose to write certain types of content. For example if your gang member is constantly killing NPC Military officers in multiple different threads, don't expect your character to not face any IC consequences.
06 | The Infected
While the Staff Team will occassionally create random events that center around the Infected, writers will never be forced to have their characters turned. Bear in mind that if you choose to write your character being infected, they will eventually be turned and the character will be treated the same as being deceased (low level Infected cannot be played).