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Guidebook to Blood & Bone
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Questions that are frequently asked by people, as well as information that otherwise doesn't have a proper place in any of the other guidebook pages can be found here. If you have anything that you think would be a good fit, feel free to bring it up to someone on the Staff Team.
Out of Character
01 | Can I use <*style> tags in my posts?
As long as you aren't using them to change the site layout or make your stuff unreadable, you sure can! However, you have to take into consideration one thing: all of your css must be presented on one line — no line breaks, no pressing "enter" — otherwise it won't work. For example:

.class1 { color: red; }

Will not work, but this will!

<*style>.class1 { color: red; }<*/style>
In Character
01 | N/A
Currently none