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Guidebook to Blood & Bone
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This is a comprehensive break-down of the profile application with information about each section, going in the order you would when filling it out. Anything related to character creation can be found listed here. Some sections will link to other guidebook pages, as they have more information than the rest of the sections. It's recommended to use this as a guide when filling out your profile.
Basic Information
Full Name
When registering, we ask that you only include your character's first and last name as their username. Therefore if they have any additional names, such as middle names, or other names based on their culture/religion, this is where you can write out their full name. Names can be anything, although we ask that your character does not have just one name, unless it is for a good reason discussed with staff first.
The preferred pronouns your character wishes to be called by; this is not their biological sex, but rather the gender they present themselves as. Blood & Bone is LGBTQ+ friendly, and we encourage you to play anyone you desire, including transgender, non-binary, and gender fluid characters.
We only accept characters that are 18+, due to the nature of the site. Also bear in mind that Blood & Bone's timeline flows on 1 OOC month is equal to 1 IC month. We leave it up to you to manage your character's aging. Besides the 18+ requirement there is no other limitations on a character's age, however remember that the outbreak first took place 85 years ago. If you wish to play an Infected (which would have had to be at least 18 at the time of being turned), the minimum age an Infected can be is 103 years old.
Character Type
Click to View the Infected Page Similar to choosing species, your character's type can be one of two things: either a human or an Infected. You can follow the link above to read more about the Infected and their different levels. Currently the only playable levels of Infected are Level V Patient Zeroes, which can be created, and Level I Newborns, which cannot be created and can only be played if a human character gets bitten. However once a Newborn turns into the next level of Infected, the character is treated as deceased and can no longer be played.
There's nothing unique about humans other than the fact they have not yet contracted the virus, and struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic setting where Infected are overrun.
Level V Infected
Level V Infected have only started appearing within the last 10 years, and are relatively unknown to the public. They are Infected that have survived since the start of the outbreak, and have begun to regain their humanity. Many have begun sneaking back into society.
Click to View the Factions Page Society is a constant battle between the various factions struggling to survive and claw their way to the top. While some people choose to remain unaffiliated as either civilians or drifters, others choose to lay their allegiance with a controlling faction for various different reasons. Click above to read the guidebook page that has more information on each faction your character can be part of.
The corrupted organization that watches over Stronghold with an iron fist. They act as both an internal police force, as well as an external extermination force tasked with destroying Infected nests.
Regular people living in the safety of the city that have no affiliation ties with any faction. Whatever business they go about, they tend to avoid the conflicts of the city and the world outside the walls.
A loosely-affiliated group of gangs that operate in Stronghold, they are generally are on bad terms with the Military. They deal in everything illegal, and often have internal conflicts between their various gangs.
A smuggler's group that lives in a walled compound outside the city. They deal with smuggling goods to people both inside and outside Stronghold, and are a form of opposition to the Military.
People that, for whatever reason, do not have residence inside the city, and have no affiliation ties with any faction. Some choose to live alone, while others group up with other people for safety.
Click to View the Factions Directory If your character is in a ranked faction, such as Military, Jabberwockies, or Eclipse, they must have a rank in the faction associated with the hierarchy found at the above link. If your character is unaffiliated with a ranked faction, such as Civilian or Drifter, you can simply leave this blank, as it will not show up on their profiles.
If your character isn't affiliated with a specific faction, their occupation can be almost anything as long as it fits in with the game world. If your character is in a faction, they can also have another occupation alongside their faction rank, so you're not completely boxed into one thing. If you are having a hard time coming up with an occupation for your character, you can always browse the encyclopedia for established places of business or groups that might catch your eye.
Face Claim
Face claims are required and must be real life people in the public's eye (meaning not people you know on Facebook). This can be celebrities, models, singers, and more. The only restrictions is that it can't be of a politician or political person, or of a deceased person. The face claim's age is required to be 18+. While we have no restrictions on face claim age to character age, we simply ask that you keep it reasonable. Please don't use an 18 year old face claim for a 40+ year old character! The only exception to this of course is a playable Infected character, who would have never aged past when they were turned.
Detailed Information
Quick Summary
This is a short summary of your character, giving quick details that someone can use to get an idea of your character without having to read the full, detailed profile. You should have at least three points about your character here, and you can decide what that information is. You can choose whether you wish to write sentences or simply put the information in bullet form. It is recommended you keep this as short and brief as possible, as any further detail about the character can be written in the below sections.
In-Depth Information
After filing out the quick summary, the in-depth information gives more of a look into the character. This should be at least five points and written in full sentences. Here is where a character is fleshed out, and can include things such as their personality traits, likes, dislikes, quirks, fears, dreams, and everything in between! Try to give as much information as you are comfortable with, but as long as you have the minimum required points, you are good to go. This can also be added onto later after acceptance once you get a feel for your character.
Quick History
Click to View the History Page We require a short history for every character, but it is especially important for Infected characters. This does not need to be super long or in-depth, but just enough that it's obvious what your character's past looks like. We will use this to ensure that you understand the history of the site and the current game world setting. If you're ever confused about something or want to find out if something makes sense in your character's history, always feel free to reach out to anyone on the Staff Team. You can also visit the link above to read an overview of the site's overall history to get an idea of where your character fits in.
Extra Information
Anything extra you think is important to the character, or just want to show off, can go here. This section of the profile is optional, and can be left blank if you have nothing to fill it in with. Examples of what you can put here includes playlists, mood boards, personal details, images, etc.