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Blood & Bone    Staff Team

Staff Team
About the Staff
Here's the Staff Team that runs the site behind the scenes. You can expect to run into them on both the site as well as the discord. Every one strives to be as friendly and welcoming as possible, so never be afraid to hit any of them up if you have a question, or simply wish to talk with one of them. All of the administrators have the same jobs and abilities on the site, so if you have an issue, you can contact any of them to help you.
The time zone each staff member is located in according to this site.
The times in which you can most likely expect said staff member to be online. They may be on outside of the specified times, or might not be on at all, but this is your best bet if you need to contact a specific staff member.
Main Duties
All administrators share identical duties and responsibilities on the site (except for coding), and all of them can be contacted for any problem that may arise. However, certain staff members have more specific duties that they can handle easier than some of the other staff. All duties are chosen based on a staff member's abilities.
A brief intro about each staff member that gives you a better idea of what they're like.
Head Administrator / Site Owner Silhouette
Main Duties
Currently everything
Hey everyone! I'm a born and raised Canadian, and my current job is 3D Artist & Immersive Application Designer for a VR company. What does that mean? Well, it means I'm a sort of jack-of-all-trades. I do a mix of 3D art, programming, and GUI design for VR applications with a future dream of working in the game industry. It does mean I have a busy job, but also means I'm pretty much glued to my computer so I'm usually always around. If you ever have any questions, or need help with the lore, I'm the gal to ask! I can also help with any coding issues you may run into. My favourite thing to write is dramatic relationship plots and action-filled threads.