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Guidebook to Blood & Bone
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On this page you can find the history of the game world, from a quick glance at the history, to a complete break down year-by-year of what happened in this past. While this is not mandatory to read, it is good supplementary reading to know what would have happened in your character's lifetime. At the bottom, on-site history will be added as important events take place through writing (such as advancement of the main site plot).
Quick History
The infection hit hard and spread fast. No one could ever imagine what was to come next.

The origin of the outbreak could be traced directly back to the Draculin Phase I testing rolled out to the public by the scientific corporation, Cypher. No one knows what exactly happened, or why, but it was these patients that first showed worrying signs of genetic mutation and breakdown. But by the time government officials and scientists realized there was a very real threat, it was already too late. Those injected with the Draculin had already begun turning by the infection now in their bloodstream, attacking those around them and infecting them with the same thing currently turning them into something monstrous. Society was in pandemonium; no one was ready for the fallout as the numbers of Infected continued to grow by the day. Entire cities and countries began to shut down, limiting travel along the borders... But even that wasn't enough.

In North America, thousands began to flee the major cities, as information was relayed to the public that the cities with a denser population had a greater risk of the infection spreading. The Military eventually grew restless with the useless leadership of local government, and overthrew one of the cities to take control. Local police were disbanded and the entire area was made into one large quarantine zone. No one was let in or out; those free of the infection were forced into the quarantine zone. The rest were often brutally killed, as the Military took on a very aggressive stance to try and wipe out the infection from the population. But no matter how many people they killed in their mad race to get the infection under control, it instead just continued to spread. Communication with other cities and countries eventually fell to radio silence as the global community crumbled. The Military, left in the city now nicknamed Stronghold, were the last governing body in the immediate area.

Society was never to be the same. Means of communicating and keeping history was lost to the Infected, very little managing to be salvaged and kept safe in the only remaining quarantine zone in western North America. Life soon fell into a rhythm as the years passed by, the Military's power growing stronger as they began to rebuild what was left of society. Before they knew it, eighty-five years had already passed, and their life in quarantine became the new norm. Very few still remember what life was like before the outbreak. Most struggle to survive, whether they are safe inside Stronghold or not, but one major question has been left unanswered:

How did the infection begin in the first place, and what darker things continue to remain hidden?
Complete Overview
Discovery of Draculin, a glycoprotein found in vampire bat saliva that works by inhibiting specific coagulation factors in blood.
First scientific studies done on Draculin using animal testing.
Draculin first tested on humans in a scientific study. It's found that the drug is not only safe, but patients also tolerate it.
Tests bought out by the scientific corporation Cypher. They announce their intentions to have a new drug ready for Phase I testing by 2010.
2010, Jan
Phase I trials of using Draculin to help prevent strokes rolled out. 2 weeks later, test subjects begin to show worrying signs of genetic mutation.
2010, Feb
Start of the virus outbreak.
2010, Mar
The world begins to shut down, but it's already too late. The infection's already spread across the globe, and society begins to crumble one city at a time.
2010, June
The virus is officially given the name DraC-2.
2010, Dec
The Military takes control of a city to set up a quarantine zone, overthrowing the current government and police force. It's given the nickname Stronghold.
The internet disappears, and Stronghold is cut off from the rest of the world.
Stronghold is officially declared the last remaining city in western North America, and the Military begins construction to build it into a massive quarantine city.
First relays installed for a new, Military-operated communication system. First devices are given out to Militay personnel only.
Cypher begins ground-breaking research on the virus. The Infected are catogorized into two different levels: Level I Newborn and Level II Hunter.
First evidence of the virus being able to mutate upon discovery of a new level of Infected. This level is given the name Level III Feral.
2025, Apr
Infected nests become known.
2025, May
The Military creates its Task Force Branch to begin systematically hunting down Infected nests and destroying them.
Communication relays open for public use.
First discovery of a new specimen, later given the name Level IV Reaper.
Jabberwockies are formed as the first officially recognized threat towards the Military.
The scientific corporation Cypher given full reigns on Infected study; all other science labs are mysteriously shut down or abandoned.
Eclipse formed, the second officially recognized threat towards the Military. Their homebase, the Junkyard, is the first fortified human encampment besides Stronghold since the outbreak.
First discovery of yet another new specimen after 40 years. The science community realizes the infection has once again taken on a new mutated form, and calls this new Infected by the name Level V Patient Zero.
Current date upon site's opening.
On-Site History
2095, Apr
Nothing yet.