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Blood & Bone    Profile of Micah Scofield

Micah Scofield
Basic Information
Stony Dr. Micah Scofield is from a long line of successful doctors and scientists. His family proudly boasts their heritage from the first doctors to ever try and cure DraC-2. Micah is not so concerned with family image or honor and prefers rational, empirical knowledge over all. It is unclear what his goals are, but finding a cure for the virus is not one of them.
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In-Depth Information

  • Birthplace     The Stronghold | Inner Citadel
  • Sexuality     Asexual

  • Height     6'0"
  • Body Type     Thin; gangly
  • Eye Color     Hazel
  • Other Notable Physical Features     Glasses

  • MBTI     ISTJ-A; The Logistician
  • Habits     Cocaine
  • Moral Alignment     Lawful Neutral

  • Pet(s)     none
Scofields are born with "Dr" in front of their names.


With appendages like string beans, Micah is not physically strong, nor does he have any gifted athleticism nor formal weapons and combat training. He comes from a long line of doctors and intellectuals who prize power of the mind over the body. Micah does maintain his health through regular exercise, though more to maximize his brain capacity than to be able to succeed at feats of strength.


Slightly more swift than strong, Micah still lacks any formal combat training. As such, he is rather clumsy on his feet and his spatial awareness leaves much to be desired. His long, thin legs do make him a fast runner, though only for short distances as he does not devote much time to physical training. In terms of dexterity of the mind, he follows a rigid principle- do everything for the pursuit and evolution of knowledge.


Micah is a healthy individual. He prioritizes physical health, even if he does not devote time making himself an exemplar warrior and athlete, and he understands the bodily benefits that comes from regular exercise, a good diet and adequate sleep (the last he tends to curtail). As an Inner Citadel citizen, and doctor no less, he has access to the best medicine and most nutritious foods the wasteland has to offer. The most jeopardizing factor to his health is his cocaine addiction.


Micah's sense of environment very much depends on what that environment is. In labs, clinics and scientific research, Micah excels. His intuition and senses are sharp and he can draw connections from even the most minute of observations (from a large repertoire of family archives and studies). In other environments, he is less keen, and though he can make his way around an unfamiliar situation, it could cause him distress and even panic (in a weird, detached sort of way). He has a strong sense of judgement, though this judgement is marred by his strict adherence to his goal of scientific discovery and as such assigns value to things based on how they help him achieve this goal.


As a Scofield, Micah has access to one of the most extensive collections of medical literature and scientific theory in the Stronghold. His family is a line of academics that branched from the 20th century onwards and Scofield parents instill the pursuit of knowledge in their children early. Micah is particularly special case, as his general emotional detachment allows for complete logistical and reasonable analysis. His mind works in binary and things are either true, false or in the process of being proven. He is quick thinking and wholly engaged with his work, and his high intelligence is a catalyst for his passion.


If Micah talked as he thought, one would think he is a robot, matter-of-fact, unemotional and unremorseful. In the rare moments he does attempt to charm someone, it is a conscious effort and one that is done by observation of more charming individuals (or, as he puts it, people who get what they want) than genuine likeability. Otherwise, he is not concerned with the opinions and thoughts of others and finds friendship in his studies than in people, who he often finds "frustrating".

Quick History
Micah is born to Dr. Calvin and Dr. Ann Scofield in the Inner Citadel. They are affluent not only because of their reputation and status but their continued honored place in society as no nonsense doctors and scientists.

Micah has a brother and sister who also take up honorific roles, however his younger brother is an altruist who spends most of his time serving people in the poor districts, much to the disapproval of their parents.

From an early age, one can tell what Micah would grow up to be. He spent most days alone, as opposed to playing with the neighborhood children, and from the moment he could read (which he achieved earlier than most kids) he had his nose in a nonfiction book, thirsty for knowledge.

At age 13 he publishes his first scientific medical study on the effects of paracetamol on the common cold.

From ages 15-24, he becomes an apprentice to a relative who serves as a Military doctor. At age 24 he gets hired by the Military to become an R&D scientist.

Whilst serving as a scientist, due to long hours and frustration at the limits of the human mind, he becomes addicted to cocaine. He is currently hounded by the Spade's Gang, in which they regularly supply him with drugs and he offers healing services to the gang members for free (plus a small fee).

At age 33 Micah learns more and becomes scientifically obsessed with DraC-2. He opens a clinic in the poor regions of the Stronghold, under the guise of "free healthcare", when patients are in reality experiments for compounds he believes to replicate the virus. This has earned him the nickname of "Dr. Death" to those that are keen to his experiments.

Extra Information
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