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Blood & Bone    Quarantine Zone    The Junkyard

The Junkyard
21 Posts    1 Threads The Workshop
The Workshop is the name given to a questionably-constructed building designed for maintenance work on dilapidated vehicles, stolen weapons, and more. It is the area in which the working members of Eclipse get to practice their craft, from welding, to construction, and more. Half of the Workshop is also a garage where they store both vehicles they use to drive around, as well as vehicles to be sold to drifters or smuggled into Stronghold. Because the building does not keep out the cold well, several barrel fires are often lit day-round inside.
This location is quarantined and safe from Infected attacks
8 Posts    2 Threads Sleeping Quarters
Created out of old shipping containers, the strange puzzle box of 'apartments' made out of containers stacked on top of each other with rickety scaffolding leading between levels is certainly nothing luxurious. However, each container has been reinforced to keep out the elements, and each individual or family has their own container to call home. While certainly an odd sight to someone outside of the faction, to those living in the Eclipse encampment, many believe it is much better than the city slums inside Stronghold.
This location is quarantined and safe from Infected attacks
6 Posts    1 Threads Communal Hall
The only properly-built structure in the entire encampment, the Communal Hall is a massive structure that at one time was most likely a mechanic work shop. Now it's been converted into a communal living space, with the canteen and eating area, places to rest on furniture looted from abandoned towns, and finally open areas for Eclipse smugglers to sell goods to drifters. Smaller rooms in the back are often used as storage for supplies used by the faction members, as well as goods to be sold or smuggled at a later date.
This location is quarantined and safe from Infected attacks
0 Posts    0 Threads Walls & Gate
While not as impressive as the walls that surround Stronghold, the walls built around the entirety of the Junkyard are impressive in their own right. A mix of scrap metal, barbed wires, concrete, and anything else they could find lying around was used to build them high and strong against Infected attacks. The only way in to the Junkyard that would not lead to death is a single entrance, barricaded with gates and guarded by Eclipse patrols. Outside of the city, the Junkyard remains the best guarded and quarantined area.
This location is patrolled but Infected attacks may still occur
The Junkyard
Eclipse Territory
This location is Eclipse territory
This location is occupied by Eclipse and any aggression, or other nefarious activities,

aimed towards the faction in this location can lead to IC consequences.
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