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Blood & Bone    Quarantine Zone

Quarantine Zone
128 Posts    11 Threads Stronghold
Stronghold is the last known standing city in western North America. It is a sprawling cityscape of closely-built structures, constructed for ease of defense and safety rather than beauty and luxury. Massive walls surround the city, imitating a fortress or guarded compound. Barricaded gates serve as the only two entry points into the city, and both are heavily guarded by Military checkpoints. The city is built with a disparity between the rich, inner sections, and the poor, ravaged, and often times dangerous outer limits. One thing is certain: Stronghold was designed to keep quarantined humans in, and Infected out.
9 Posts    2 Threads City Outskirts
The land that is directly outside of Stronghold is still regularly patrolled by the Military, as it the most heavily populated with abandoned buildings that may attract Infected. Many of the buildings and structures were once part of Stronghold, but the decision was made to leave them out when the walls were originally built. Because of the Military's protection and the structural integrity of the buildings, many drifters often find shelter here, even if most areas are void of supplies. Large, open areas between the different buildings also makes travel difficult without a vehicle, most roads worn down and hard to use.
11 Posts    3 Threads Abandoned Town
While there are many small towns and hamlets dotting the area surrounding Stronghold, there is one town in particular that most people are aware of. While it has no official name, simply given the handle 'Abandoned Town', it is most notable for the population of drifters that eventually find their way here. It is the largest town that is still relatively intact, supplies still readily found in Infectd-cleared areas and buildings that are strong and protective against Infected attacks. The Military often makes their presence here when hunting down Infected nests, but otherwise it is home to dozens of drifters.
50 Posts    5 Threads The Junkyard
The only other well-quarantined area besides Stronghold, the Junkyard is a guarded encampment controlled by Eclipse. What was once a junkyard for old vehicles is now a ramshackle base built out of found scrap and stolen equipment. Steel walls surround the camp, with rows of barbed-wire pitched on top and staked moats surrounding the entirety of it. While not as safe as Stronghold, Eclipse have the firearms necessary to keep Infected at bay. Only one gate leads into the Junkyard, a massive sign hanging above the entrance with the phrase 'Fuck Off' built out of scrap. Just in case the Military comes snooping.
7 Posts    1 Threads No-Man's Land
No-Man's Land is the name given to the area that is outside of the Military's reach. It is far from any kind of dystopian civilization, and sometimes is considered a haven for drifters. However, because of the lack of Military presence, Infected roam the land in substantial numbers. Most of No-Man's Land is just open area with rolling hills and dots of trees, a large highway cutting through most of it. There is an extreme lack of civilization, with any kind of buildings few and far between. Most of the drifters who choose to live in No-Man's Land are choosing to live off the land, regularly fighting off Infected.
26 Posts    2 Threads Past, Future & AU
History is always fascinating, whether it's taken place one hundred years ago, or simply one hundred seconds ago. Things that have happened in the past can be found here, as well as things that might take place in an alternate universe or even the future. As long as it follows the site's rules, you can write anything to your heart's contentment in here; feel free to explore any possibility! There are specialized tags inside here for past, future, and alternate universe threads, so feel free to use those if you would like. Just remember that only past threads are considered site-canon; AU and even future threads are not.