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Member Lounge
3 Posts    3 Threads News Network
Any announcements, updates, or other important things to note about changes around the site will be posted within this forum. This is strictly for admin-related OOC announcements; anything that is IC-based can be found inside the Character Central board. It's important you always keep up-to-date on anything posted. Any new thread created will also be linked to in the header.
35 Posts    17 Threads Character Central
This is the place to come for anything IC-related, including anything that concerns your characters. There are different sub-boards inside that players can use to host different information about their characters, as well as IC-related admin news. The general rule of thumb is if it's related to your characters, it's probably in here; keeps everything nice and tidy, and together.
15 Posts    7 Threads Site Support
Claims, account deactivations and/or reactivations, general maintenance, extended absences, and anything else that is directly related to helping the site run smoothly can be posted in here. If you have a question or suggestion that you would like to let the staff know about, this is also the board in which you can do so. Simply make a new thread and we'll look it over.
6 Posts    3 Threads OOC Community
This chillout board where members can hang out and talk about anything that's exclusively OOC-related, or at the very least, has very little to do with IC. Games, both member-created as well as staff-run can be found inside this board. There's also a place to look for graphics or post up a studio of your own! Have fun in here, just remember to be respectful of the site rules.
412 Posts    76 Threads Thread Archives
In order to keep the rest of the forum clean and free of clutter, all threads that are old and no longer in use can be found inside here, compiled into their appropriate board. Any IC threads that are found two months without a reply will be moved in here, as well as anything requested to be moved in Maintenance. Any thread that is in archives can easily be moved out again.
100 Posts    100 Threads Guest Friendly
Our only guest-friendly board on the site, this is the place for all things related to advertising. Because this board is guest-friendly, you don't need to log into any guest account to be able to post your advertisement. This one board is used for affiliate requests, as well as both new advertisements and link backs. Please make sure your coding is working before you post a new thread!