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352 Posts    42 Threads IC Archives
Threads that are IC-related and are no longer in use will be moved here to be archived. The reason could be because the threads were finished or they were simply dropped for whatever reason. All the threads will be organized based on the year in which they were created, as well as a separate communications board, so people have an easier time understanding the timelines.
16 Posts    12 Threads OOC Archives
Threads that are OOC-related and are no longer in use will be moved here to be archived. Most often the reason will be because the threads are old and no longer in use. All the threads are organized into different categories to make it easier to understand where they came from when going back to browse through them. If you need a thread moved back, contact the Staff Team.
42 Posts    21 Threads Old Dossiers
Inactive characters that are no longer in play on the site, as well as deceased characters, will have their character dossier threads moved here for archiving. Any character that is moved to this forum can no longer post. However, if you wish to reactivate a character that was moved here for archiving, then feel free to post in the Site Support board for the Staff Team to see.
2 Posts    1 Threads Inactive Applications
If your application has been pended the first time, you have 7 days in which you can fix the problems and/or complete your profile. If you haven't done as requested in the week, your application will be moved here. These applications can be moved back if requested. If they aren't moved back or finished, they will be deleted after 3 months of inactivity.