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Character Central
15 Posts    4 Threads Personal Pages
This is a place for you to store all of your characters' posting tables, avatars, relationship details, thread trackers, etc. Anything you would like! All we ask is that you keep it to either one thread per character, or one thread per member, depending how you wish to keep everything together. Also please do not post in a thread that isn't your own, this isn't for plot discussion.
6 Posts    6 Threads Development
Looking to further develop your character, either by plots, threads, or relationships? Then look no further! This is the place for you to post all your plotting threads for your characters, or anything else that could be considered a development thread. This is also a great place for faction members to develop new plots and threads together.
4 Posts    2 Threads Communication
This board is for any official IC-related posts that aren't quite adequate to be posted as official threads. This includes communication texts, emails, letters, etc that occur between characters. Anything else that could be considered part of official IC-related things can also be posted in here. If you're unsure, feel free to consult a staff member if your thread would fit here.
2 Posts    2 Threads Wanted Ads
If there is a character you are looking for someone to take up and play as their own, such as a family member related to one of your characters or otherwise, then here is the place to post it. There is a wanted ad form inside, but that's simply for default use. You are free to use that or create your own ad template to your own desires, completely your choice.
3 Posts    2 Threads Oneshot Threads
Sometimes you may want to further develop your character through a solo thread, also known as a oneshot, and this board is where you can post said threads. While we want to leave these freeform for you to have fun with, we do ask that you treat it similarly to a regular thread. That means it should be done in writing; image-only moodboards, for example, should not go here.
0 Posts    0 Threads Fanfictions
This is a forum in which members of Blood & Bone can write fanfictions of their own and each others' characters, and post fanart of their own and other people's characters, too. Writing is a labor of love: surprise each other with fanfics and fanart! Nothing honestly makes a writer happier. Take note that anything posted in here does not count as canon.
Character Central
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