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Jabberwockies  Leander Wilkenson
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Played by Andromeda    4 Posts Leander Wilkenson
Keen and charismatic, Leo is a man who built his status and wealth through grit, determination and (although he does not like to admit this) a little bit of luck. He was integral in establishing the monopoly of the various casinos around the Stronghold through forging relationships with business partners and "dealing" with smaller business rivals. He has come to identify strongly with the Diamonds and holds a strong dislike of other jabberwockies. When not engaging in business, he indulges in pleasure.
Posted 07-10-2021, 09:32 PM
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Your application is accepted, and you are now welcome to start writing your new character. All of our claims are done automatically, so there are no required claims that you need to take care of. Please feel free to post a DEVELOPMENT THREAD to allow us to begin plotting with you!

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