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City Slums
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The residential area of the city slums, where the majority of the unfortunate live, is nothing more than a jumble of concrete boxes built on top of one another with interconnecting paths between them all. Reminiscent of Kowloon Walled City, everyone lives on top of everyone else here, with very little privacy or luxury offered. Trees and grass are non-existent, streets tight and made for foot traffic only. Homes are small and compact, and amongst the towers of haphazardly-built apartments, very little light actually reaches the streets.
This location is quarantined and safe from Infected attacks
0 Posts    0 Threads Devil's Avenue
With buildings run down, graffiti on the walls, and streets barely large enough for two people, Devil's Avenue got its name from the shootings, stabbings, and drug deals that take place every day. Often dubbed as the most dangerous place in the city, it's not a surprise many criminals make their home here. While referred to as a single avenue, Devil's Avenue is actually a labyrinth of back alleys and smaller streets that provide a haven for illegal activity. It's very rare for the Military to actually bother trying to track the illegal activity that goes on here.
This location is quarantined and safe from Infected attacks
0 Posts    0 Threads Red Light District
The Red Light District is the most well-kept part of the slums, which comes as no surprise considering how much money exchanges hands every night. Red lights dot the entrances of all the brothels and strip clubs, giving the entire district an ethereal glow, especially during the nighttime. While the Red Light District has a beautiful exterior, designed to give fantasy to those otherwise living miserable lives, the darker side of the district is anything but a fantasy. Many arrive for a wild night, only to never leave again; not alive, at least.
This location is quarantined and safe from Infected attacks
0 Posts    0 Threads Supplies Canteens
Those that are too poor and destitute to have money to spend on food and supplies in the commercial district are often forced to rely on Military-run Supplies Canteens instead. A sort of authoritarian soup kitchen, people are registered to receive supplies, and cannot receive more than their allotted share as dictated by the Military. Canteens are run inside dilapidated buildings, heavily guarded by armored officers. Dotted throughout the city slums, they are recognizable by the Military banners hanging outside their doors.
This location is quarantined and safe from Infected attacks
City Slums
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