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Blood & Bone    Quarantine Zone    Stronghold

89 Posts    7 Threads Inner Citadel
The Inner Citadel is the most central location of the city, surrounded by a second set of walls and checkpoints that allow only the most elite of the city to enter. It's here that the rich and powerful live, as well as where the Military has their main headquarters. Life is full of luxury within the Inner Citadel, with newly-renovated buildings and actual pockets of real green space. Streets are fully realized as transportation with personal vehicles is well and alive within the Inner Citadel. It's the part of Stronghold everyone wants to live in.
This location is quarantined and safe from Infected attacks
35 Posts    3 Threads Commercial District
Even though Stronghold remains separate from the rest of the world, businesses and commercial establishments continue to thrive under the watchful eye of the Military. Buildings are relatively kept up, with only the largest of buildings left as reminders of what has past. Most of the commercial district surrounds the walls of the Inner Citadel, a moderately safe haven that still sits far from the outer walls of the city. It also has the most subway lines running beneath its streets, making it the easiest part of the city to get around.
This location is quarantined and safe from Infected attacks
4 Posts    1 Threads City Slums
The city slums is comprised exclusively of the outer-most parts of Stronghold, the streets closest to the walls that would be most vulnerable should any Infected ever manage to find their way in. The streets are narrow, built for foot traffic, with patchwork buildings and small patches of 'ghost neighborhoods' abandoned due to crime or Military extermination. The city slums is a gloomy and hopeless place to live, but all must pass through it on their way in or out of Stronghold; some even consider it worse than life outside the walls.
This location is quarantined and safe from Infected attacks
0 Posts    0 Threads Walls & Checkpoints
Massive towering walls surround the entirety of Stronghold, built to keep humans in and Infected out. Built out of reinforced concrete, even a tank would struggle to breach its perimeter. The only weak points are the two checkpoints on either end of the city, the only ways in and out of Stronghold. They are defended by massive iron gates and Military outposts, guarding the streets so that only those with passes are allowed to enter Stronghold. Large sniper towers on either sides of the checkpoints prevent Infected from getting close.
This location is patrolled but Infected attacks may still occur
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