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Inner Citadel
31 Posts    2 Threads Military Compound
The large, concrete building that's taller than any surrounding building is the headquarters of the Military. The Military Compound is a frightening reminder of the power the Military holds over the rest of Stronghold, a dreadful sight devoid of anything except harsh lines and reinforced concrete. Reminiscent of fortresses from the past, the outer walls are impenetrable. Inside, dozens of floors contain Military business of all kinds. Rumours are they even have prisons and torture rooms in the basement floors.
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0 Posts    0 Threads Citadel Estates
The residential area of the Inner Citadel, Citadel Estates is the aptly named area in which the majority of the rich, famous, and wealthy of the city choose to live. Comprised of ridiculously expensive high-rise condominiums, as personal buildings have no place in the well-packed Stronghold, only the who's who of the city can find residence here, as well as high-ranking officers in the Military. The buildings tower over the walls separating rich from poor, giving the wealthy a sense of superiority being above the rest of the sprawling city below.
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19 Posts    2 Threads King's Boulevard
Probably one of the most well known places in the Inner Citadel, the King's Boulevard is a massive street lined with clothing stores, opera houses, exclusive lounges and restaurants, theatres, art galleries, and anything else catered to those with a lot of money to spend. The entire place was created as a facade of a better life, to give the wealthy an escape from the world and convince them nothing changed since the outbreak. The boulevard is also heavily patrolled by the Military to keep it a safe haven from criminals.
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6 Posts    1 Threads Casino Block
As its name suggests, the Casino Block is a large section of the Inner Citadel filled with nothing but casinos. Although some casinos may also be connected to bars, or strip joints, the Casino Block is mostly known for the amount of money that is both won and lost every single night. From glamorous casinos with live entertainment, to less glamorous places often criticized for cheating their patrons, there is a place for everyone here. The downside is that most casinos are believed to be operated by the Jabberwockies.
This location is quarantined and safe from Infected attacks
Inner Citadel
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